Assist by AOL, a New Twin Cities Service!

Assist by AOL Membership Service Provides US-Based and 24/7 Remote Tech Support AOL, that's right, the old "You've got mail", purveyor of all those CDs that cluttered your desk and weighed down the mailman, America Online -- that AOL, is proud to announce the Twin Cities launch of Assist by AOL, a single source solution that provides technical support for any number of issues on

Assist by AOL, a New Twin Cities Service!2015-05-06T12:26:50-05:00

Which is Better Oreck or Dyson?

  *Please like my book Minnesota Nice on Facebook! Or just click on the Like Button over there on the right sidebar -->   Some of you may remember that I have a little Dyson Envy of Margaret and her two Dysons. I believe she got one as a door prize years ago at Blogher and didn't bother to give it away. Not that I

Which is Better Oreck or Dyson?2013-01-07T19:16:58-06:00

How To Change Your Furby’s Personality

If you haven't gotten a Furby yet then it's only because you don't have a 9 year old daughter. If you had a 9 year old daughter you would have a Furby or possibly two. We got a Furby. For those of you who live under a rock or who missed the memo - Furby has been updated and re-released. For those of you who

How To Change Your Furby’s Personality2012-11-25T20:22:31-06:00

I’ve Killed Another Microwave

Okay, that might be a little hyperbolic but I can't use it without setting half of the food on fire while the other half is still frozen. What happened you ask? The little doohicky broke that spins the plate. Now the plate won't spin. So I did what any rational person would do and I forgot about it for a few days. In fact I

I’ve Killed Another Microwave2011-01-14T11:29:49-06:00

Club Penguin and their Awesome Customer Service

Image by Jagrap via Flickr I was going to write a post today about what is wrong with the Republican party and what they need to do to fix it. However, I realized that only two of my regular readers would be interested in what I had to say on that subject and Jayne would skewer my every point, and probably rightfully so because she

Club Penguin and their Awesome Customer Service2010-09-02T09:10:38-05:00

Good Customer Service

Not just good, but great. Most of you have not read my saga with Hewlett Packard. I wrote several posts about my struggle with their tech support, bad customer service and my desire to get my 4 month old computer repaired or replaced. It started here and ended here. There are 16 posts all together chronicling my struggle with Hewlett Packard but if you really

Good Customer Service2010-04-09T09:33:00-05:00

I wrote an eBook and you get $17 in freebies for trying it

A couple of months ago I wrote a post about being in dire straights. I asked my readers how they made money online because most of my real world jobs had gone away due to the crappy economy. I also called my ex husband a lot of four letter words for not paying child support. The response I received was overwhelming. The suggestions were not

I wrote an eBook and you get $17 in freebies for trying it2009-11-04T19:16:20-06:00

Hewlett-Packard Has Very Very Bad Customer Service and Products

I decided to walk away from the devil that has possessed my computer or my own bad Karma. It seemed to me a trip to the liquor store was called for. When I turned on my car, AC/DC was on the radio with Hell's Bells. My ex husband's van broke down yesterday. I have a spare vehicle so I drove it to his house in

Hewlett-Packard Has Very Very Bad Customer Service and Products2008-03-21T18:35:00-05:00

Saga continues

I called Tyson, my case manager at Hewlett-Packard at 4:13pm central daylight time. Steve answered, asked very politely if he could help me. I said I had spoken with Tyson before but was happy to talk to him. I gave him my case number and he put me on hold to look for Tyson.When I talked to Tyson before he was short with me and

Saga continues2008-03-21T15:40:00-05:00

Hewlett-Packard doesn’t have a great track record.

I have a feeling I have entered into Hewlett-Packard hell. I googled customer service and HP and came up with a boat load of complaints: These are just the tip of the iceberg. Sadly most of these remain unresolved. The consumer gave up after being worn down by poor customer service. How much time

Hewlett-Packard doesn’t have a great track record.2008-03-20T20:34:00-05:00

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