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Banana Blueberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Summer is here and we have a bounty of fruits and berries just ready for the table. While the summer has already been too hot in Minnesota, we had a bit of a chill down this past week and it was the perfect time to bake some cake using some beautiful blueberries that I picked up at Lunds & Byerlys recently. I've been meaning to

Banana Blueberry Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting2021-06-23T09:53:55-05:00

Flying Jacob – But it Should Be Called Flying Elvis

I'm in this Facebook group about weird food from the 50s, 60s and 70s. Post-Modern food if you will. Lots of salads with Jello or gelatin depending on the decade. Recipes with ingredients that should never be in the same dish, let alone meal. Questionable recipes at best, but for many in my generation - comfort food. I grew up on Tang and Poptarts. My

Flying Jacob – But it Should Be Called Flying Elvis2021-05-05T12:57:27-05:00

Flying Jacob

Flying Jacob - Classic 70s food in all it's glory. A Swedish dish created by Ove Jacobsson. A delicious - yes, really delicious - dish of roasted chicken, chili cream sauce, bacon bits, Virginia peanuts and bananas. - Roasted Chicken, Heavy Whipping Cream, Heinz Chili Sauce, Italian Seasoning, Bananas, Bacon Bits, Virginia Peanuts, , Use the meat from a grocery store roasted chicken. Remove skin

Flying Jacob2021-05-05T11:59:07-05:00

It’s Like They Didn’t Even Try

I really wanted to love Dove Beauty Refillable Deodorant, but it's like they didn't even try. It has everything you could want in a consumable product. And by 'consumable' I mean something you use over and over again until it runs out and you buy more, not because you eat it. It's adorable, it smells nice, it's compact, it has a slick design, it's eco

It’s Like They Didn’t Even Try2021-05-04T11:17:43-05:00

Pork Zucchini Stir Fry

This pork zucchini stir fry is a delicious and easy meal to throw together last minute on a Tuesday when you have no idea what to prepare for dinner. It can be made with ground pork, ground beef, ground turkey or ground chicken. Really, any ground meat would work well in this recipe. I used ground pork because that's what I had thawed and ready

Pork Zucchini Stir Fry2021-03-12T10:28:20-06:00

March BOM at the Burger Bar in White Bear Lake

It's hockey tournament time in Minnesota and that means - usually - a huge snow storm. Let's hope that doesn't happen, especially after the frigid cold of February. I'm doing my best to support local restaurants who have been impacted by the draconian covid restrictions. If you're looking for a great burger and want to support local, then head up Highway 61 to The Burger

March BOM at the Burger Bar in White Bear Lake2021-02-26T09:51:35-06:00

No, it’s Not ‘A Culture of Consequences’, it’s Mob Rule – Mean Girls Style

Cancel culture has gone too far. I've had enough, I cannot sit idly by anymore and bite my tongue. This has got to stop. Woke culture, the woke mob, have gone too far. What was the proverbial straw? Now they want to cancel Grease. My beloved Grease - a movie I saw 26 times the summer it was released - sometimes two or three times

No, it’s Not ‘A Culture of Consequences’, it’s Mob Rule – Mean Girls Style2021-02-27T07:57:52-06:00


I keep seeing this meme on social media about holding people accountable. You know, making sure we keep track of those who are/were Trump officials or as this recent Forbes article explains - holding the liars accountable. I have no problem with holding people accountable. I'm all for it. I just want accountability for everyone, not just one side of the aisle. There is a


I Guess I’m Gonna Start Blogging Again

What a long strange trip it's been. We're only one week into 2021 and already it's outdone its predecessor. Pretty sure there's no need for a recap, we've all been glued to our screens while the Capitol was stormed and breached by a bunch of dumbass Trump supporters. Chaos All those who stormed the Capitol and entered it to cause harm, fear and chaos should

I Guess I’m Gonna Start Blogging Again2021-01-09T11:27:43-06:00

Baked Feta Pasta

By now you've probably seen the internet raving about the TikTok Baked Feta Pasta dish. It is because of this video that you cannot find a brick of Feta cheese anywhere - even in rural Minnesota. Here's a link to the original recipe from 2019. Pasta dishes are perfect for this time of year when the temps get below zero. Looking for other easy and

Baked Feta Pasta2021-02-24T11:26:14-06:00

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