Last time I wrote I was complaining because I couldn’t write 1700 words a day. I’d decided to participate in the NaBloPoMo that takes place in November, but found it a challenge to write 1700 words per day. It was my intention to write everyday, even if I didn’t hit the 1700 word mark. I made it a whole 4 days.

I love blogging, I love writing. I miss the days when I just wrote and wasn’t concerned with who was reading what I wrote. I did it for the enjoyment, but then I got a comment or two (after like 9 months of writing) and that changed everything. Comments are like crack, better than crack actually, even though I have never done crack, I did do a line or two of cocaine in the late 80s so I sort of know what crack is like. Comments are better than cocaine. If I’d had any money in the late 80s, I have been a coke addict because it was that fun (and pot was really hard to get back then for some reason).

Anyway, the golden age of blogging might be over, but people still read and comment so I’m hoping some of you will take pity on me and leave some comment. Nice comments or at least not gross comments. Actually, I don’t care, just leave a comment.

So, what I have been up to since November? If you follow me on Facebook you know exactly what I’ve been up to because I can post over there with no problem (mostly I post memes that are either funny to me, or memes will piss you off depending on your point of view). I celebrated another birthday – I have to do the math to figure out how old I am which means I am really old. My son brought me a bagel sandwich with lox and cream cheese the other day – completely out of the blue. It was delicious. That’s about it. Aside from my day job, that’s all I’ve done.

No, I take that back. I got a new furnace and I went to Las Vegas for a week. It was a working trip, but still nice to get out of the cold/snow for a few days.

That’s all I’ve done since November (besides cooking a few huge meals for the holidays). I’ve promised myself each weekend that I am going to clean out my attic and basement, and yet both remain unchanged.

Oh, and I am rewriting my book – which I guess is a big deal – because a lot of reasons, but mostly because I hated it the way it was. I started that project in January, and have been rewriting one chapter a week. So that’s actually a big deal.

I’m kicking ass on Wordle.

I’m also turning into a hippie. I’ve stopped using regular deodorant and have switched to activated charcoal. I filter the water I drink and grow my own lettuce and herbs in the winter. I’ve incorporated “vegan collagen” into my beauty routine, but only until I use the bottle up.

I watched Ted Lasso, not once, not twice, but three times. I highly recommend it. I did not think I would like it because everyone else liked it and recommended it. Don’t be like me, just watch it, you’ll love it.

I have started saying “Oy!” like Roy Kent, among other words he favors, whenever the situation warrants, and it warrants it a lot.

I have also gotten into Shrinking (also an Apple TV show like Ted Lasso, produced by the actor who plays Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein). It’s got the same vibe, and great dialog/writing. Both shows make me long for the days before the internet – when our community consisted of the people in real life that we interacted with regularly. I’m not sure it was ever that way, but I long for it anyway.

I also watched The Menu – highly recommend, and White Lotus – meh.

I’ve started reading again. I still haven’t finished a book, but I’ve started at least 4 since 2023 began. I’m currently reading Nation of Victims: Identity Politics, the Death of Merit, and the Path back to Excellence. I have to wear reading glasses, which sucks when you want to read in bed, on your side, because the glasses dig into that space behind your ear. I’ve read about 5 pages so far, and at this rate I’ll finish it during his second term as President.

I’ve started eating beets. I don’t know why, I don’t know what possessed me to purchase them, but now they are a staple of my diet. In fact, I think I might have some when I wrap this up.

What have you been up to?