There was no Red Wave, let alone a Red Tsunami. Maybe a red trickle, but it’s still too early to count. Looks like the Republicans will have a slight majority in the house, the senate is still up for grabs.

I was expecting a Red Wave. Mostly because everyone I know is so sick and tired of the crime that is everywhere these days. I have a friend who lives in one of the nicest neighborhoods in St Paul who got up for a glass of milk in the middle of the night and was missed by a stray bullet shot through the window and lodged in his cupboard.

The homelessness is out of control here

I watched a guy OD while stuck in traffic on an overpass on I94. He survived, the paramedics revived him and he was on the corner the next day shooting up and passing out in traffic.

There’s an 18 year old homeless kid on Snelling Avenue near Har Mar Mall begging for spare change on the median. He’s too young to be begging on the street. He looks like he should be going to Friday night football games and hanging out with friends, instead he spends his days walking back and forth on the median hoping someone will give him some money.

At Snelling and University it isn’t uncommon for a homeless woman to assault your car for change. This woman is going to get run over if she hasn’t already. She comes out of nowhere and it’s difficult to see her or move out of the way to avoid hitting her. I hate driving through this part of town. It used to be a shopping area where I’d buy my office supplies, get my nails done, pick up some take out. Now it’s a vacant lot due to the George Floyd riots and the landlord’s desire to gentrify the area around the soccer stadium. It’s a no man’s land.

The weather is getting colder now and tents are going up along the highway, in the woods surrounding the parks, on vacant lots, where ever they can set up tents. There has to be a better way to care for the homeless.

How can you call it compassion to let the homeless live in the freezing cold and snow that a Minnesota winter throws at them? How can you call it compassion that kids are walking the street begging for change or selling their bodies for pocket change?

I don’t know the answer, but I’d like to see those in charge, those elected to do something about it. So far it’s only gotten worse.

I Blame Trump

The day before the election Trump held a rally and everyone speculated he was going to announce running for president in 2024. Clearly someone got to him and told him to knock it off, because he didn’t make the announcement. It was still enough to spook everyone who hadn’t voted early.

I don’t want him to run. I don’t want him to run for president of the United States, and I don’t want him to run for his HOA. He doesn’t belong in public service. I wish he’d go away, but I fear he won’t because his ego is too big.

He’s likely to announce his run for president next week. I hope he can read the tea leaves and understand no one wants him to run.

I Just Want Some Balance

If there’d been a red wave and Trump was running it’d be too much. It’d be too much for me. I just want some balance.

I’m sick of the progressives pushing their ridiculous agendas. I’m sick of the wokelings who can’t take no for an answer and go out of their way to get people who disagree with them fired or removed from social media platforms.

I’m tired of being called a bigot and a Nazi because I’m against sterilizing children and don’t believe in housing men in women’s prisons.

More than anything I’m tired of not being able to have a conversation about any of these things. These days to question the Democrats and their policies is to be a Nazi and a bigot. I read 1984 when I was in school and never thought it would come to pass – how naive I was back then.

It’s the Economy, Stupid

James Carville said that right before Bill Clinton made his famous pivot and started working with Republicans. He could have doubled down like Joe Biden and gone for broke, but he didn’t and we had prosperity. Meta just laid off 11,000 employees – by email!! Twitter is cleaning house too and Apple and Amazon have a hiring freeze. Gas is nearly $4 a gallon here, $7 in CA. Heating oil has doubled, it’s going to be an expensive winter for a lot of families and food prices our outrageous. It is the economy, and yet those who keep voting blue don’t seem to care. They claim they care about those less fortunate, but they vote for all kinds things that just make life worse for those already struggling.

What is the End Game?

How is this supposed to play out? What is the goal? It doesn’t seem to me that addressing the homeless problem and taking care of these people is a priority. It doesn’t seem like addressing the economy and doing some things to alleviate the bottlenecks is on the table. What do the Democrats want? Do they really want to burn it all down and start over? Is this really what’s happening? I’m a Republican in Minnesota, I’m used to disappointment, I just don’t understand why the majority of us keep voting for those who don’t do a damn thing to actually improve life for those who live in Minnesota.