Okay, that might be a little hyperbolic but I can’t use it without setting half of the food on fire while the other half is still frozen.

What happened you ask?

The little doohicky broke that spins the plate. Now the plate won’t spin.

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So I did what any rational person would do and I forgot about it for a few days. In fact I was willing to live with it the way it was because I have tried to get things repaired before and it always ends up badly. I contemplated just going to Target and buying a new microwave because honestly that would be easier and less time consuming than trying to find the replacement part for the little doohicky.

And then I set something on fire because only one part of the food was getting blasted with radiation.

Okay, that was a little hyperbolic too, nothing started on fire but it’s getting really annoying to have to open the door every three seconds and manually spin the plate.

Because the microwave is a Samsung I Googled “Samsung Replacement Parts” and was given Samsungparts.com as the place most likely to have what I was looking for. If you click on the link you will see that Samsungparts.com is an authorized dealer of Samsung parts. That’s important because I don’t want any generic replacement parts and I don’t want Amana parts in my Samsung.

I enter my model number into the little form and it comes up with nothing. I tried the keyword search but there were too many doohickies to choose from so I picked up the phone and called Customer Service.

Two words have never been so misleading.

After waiting on hold forever I was patched through to Peggy. Actually I wasn’t but it seemed that way. A woman who was clearly not interested in job security or else the mother in law of the CEO answered my call. I explained my problem, that the plate wouldn’t spin because the little doohicky had broken.

“Do you mean the motor?” She asked.

“No, the little thingy that makes the plate spin” I clarified.

“Oh, you need a coupler,” she said rather flatly. “What is your address?”


I’m thinking she is just going to send me a replacement part.


I give her my address and hear her punching her keyboard.

“That will be $11.97 with shipping and handling”


I’m not going to spend $11.97 on a piece of plastic the size of a quarter. I will go to a local appliance store or find a generic version of it on the web. I am not going to be taken advantage of. Except I don’t know the part number because I couldn’t look it up on their website. So I ask what the part number is.

“We can’t tell you that.” is her response.

She will not tell me the part number, can you believe this? It’s not like I can make bombs with this piece of plastic, it serves one purpose and one purpose only and it doesn’t even serve that purpose too well.

I don’t even bother to argue with her, I tell her thanks and hang up the phone because I am tired of arguing with companies like Samsung that obviously don’t give a shit about their customers.

I’m not finished with this yet. I will find the part number and I will replace this little doohicky coupler thingy and I will not pay $11.97 for it. I will burn my food until then and eat it proudly because I am not getting ripped off by the man, or Samsung.


I don’t know why I get all worked up about these kinds of things. Clearly I need to be taking a luxury vacation overseas or something so I don’t get all worked up but when I have to replace a piece of plastic for $11.97 overseas vacations are suddenly out of the question. Okay, maybe not suddenly, it isn’t as if they were ever in the question, but you know what I mean.

Are we going to stand for this treatment by companies who just want us to buy their products and throw them away when one little piece fails and then go buy a brand new one? I don’t think so. This is America, shit like that doesn’t happen and if Samsung things they have me by the short hairs they have another thing (or is it ‘think’, I always wonder about that and then mumble it in case I am using the wrong word) coming. We will not stand for crappy customer service any longer.

Who is with me?

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