Assist by AOL Membership Service Provides US-Based and 24/7 Remote Tech Support

AOL, that’s right, the old “You’ve got mail”, purveyor of all those CDs that cluttered your desk and weighed down the mailman, America Online — that AOL, is proud to announce the Twin Cities launch of Assist by AOL, a single source solution that provides technical support for any number of issues on almost any device out there, no matter who made them, where they were bought, or how old they are.

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I’m actually really excited about this and I bet my son will be, too, when I tell him about it. For $20 a month I can have all the tech support I need. That means if I get a virus on my desktop computer Assist by AOL will remotely clean it up. If I can’t get online because my wifi is acting wonky (a term my son is really tired of hearing) they can remotely attempt to fix it. It doesn’t matter where I bought my device or who I have internet service through, Assist by AOL is just like having my son living at home again except without the stinky bedroom, wet towels everywhere and all the food mysteriously vanishing at 2am each night. Plus, there’s no whining (from him or me). Assist by AOL is actually happy to help me fix what is broken.

Better yet, if they can’t fix it within 30 days they’ll help me get a new one.

Assist by AOL has a team of experienced, US-based tech experts to provide support 24/7 online or over the phone. Each tech expert possesses an extensive knowledge base that allows him or her to identify and address nearly any issue on almost any device. This would have come in handy when my pc crashed and I spent what felt like a year on hold with tech support in India. I could have saved myself over a week on hold and all the frustration that comes with talking to someone with a very thick accent who doesn’t understand me as much as I don’t understand them.

I had an opportunity to use this service last week when I had trouble hooking up a second monitor. For some reason I was unable to get the resolution correct. I called Assist by AOL and talked to a very friendly tech support guy. His first language was English which made the experience a pleasure from the get-go. He understood me and I understood him.

He assessed the problem and then took remote control of my computer. He checked all the settings, did some troubleshooting and talked with his manager. He never talked to me like I didn’t know what I was doing (though I didn’t). Sadly he was unable to resolve my issue though he tried his best. Turns out I had purchased the wrong monitor and had the wrong VGA to USB connector. There was no way he could have resolved my issues. I returned the product and got the correct one which worked beautifully.

Even though the tech was unable to solve my problem it’s really nice to know that I have a full on tech support team when I need it. As a freelancer this is incredibly important. Tech is one less thing I have to worry about because I have Assist by AOL.

Here’s all the deets about the service, and you can click here to visit Assist by AOL website to learn more, but the bottom line is for $20 a month you can make sure all your high tech devices are working smoothly. By connecting with Assist by AOL remotely or by phone you can make sure your devices in tip top shape.

Tech problems take many forms

Assist by AOL experts are trained to provide the best possible customer experience. They can teach a customer how to set up a new device or solve problems with products they already own. This includes all common devices, such as desktop computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, printers, routers, smart TVs, digital cameras, gaming consoles, home automation systems and more. For software-related issues on both Mac OS X and Windows, experts can help customers who need to remove a virus, speed up a computer, install software or upgrade their operating system and provide other solutions to similar issues.

Assist by AOL also provides coverage for eligible devices that experience a break down, including accidental damage from handling for laptops, tablets, or smartphones. This service is offered through Assist Device Repair & Replace. Tech experts will attempt to fix a covered device, for a nominal fee, and will even provide packaging and a prepaid shipping label that will route a device to the tech support center. If the device is found to be beyond repair, it will be replaced or a check will be cut for up to $1000 to help buy a new one.

Support that’s easy and risk-free

Tech experts can establish a secure connection and remotely log in to a computer or device and solve the problem for the customer, who can watch their screen to see how things are done or just go about their day. For other devices, there’s no need to visit a repair store – tech experts are available to help at any time of day, online or over the phone.

The service also offers a money-back guarantee. If Assist by AOL experts can’t address a member’s technical issue within 30 days of initial purchase, the member will receive a full refund of any charges.

A unique approach to pricing

Unlike competitors with more complicated pricing structures, Assist by AOL pricing options remain constant, regardless of the problem at hand. There are two pricing options: one-time fix and monthly membership. A one-time fix gives a customer access to all services that address problems with nearly any issue on almost any device. Monthly membership provides the same level of service, but the member can call as often as they need to. In addition, monthly members can benefit from Assist Device Repair & Replace, in the event that a covered device fails or is accidentally damaged. The money-back guarantee applies to all customers.

For more information or to sign up, please visit

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