I called Tyson, my case manager at Hewlett-Packard at 4:13pm central daylight time. Steve answered, asked very politely if he could help me. I said I had spoken with Tyson before but was happy to talk to him. I gave him my case number and he put me on hold to look for Tyson.

When I talked to Tyson before he was short with me and unfriendly. He was not the least bit chatty. He had no accent.

After waiting on hold for a few minutes Tyson picked up and said “Hello.” He said he was reading the notes and asked me to “Hold on a sec.” After getting caught up on the notes he asked me what was going on. I told him the tech had been here and had installed both motherboard and hard drive and that he had started the recovery process and advised me what to do before he left. I told him I had a black screen for nearly two hours.

“That’s not good.” Said Tyson.
He then asked if any discs were in the drive.
“No, I took them out when prompted.” I said.
“Good.” Said Tyson. “Turn it off and give it a few seconds and then turn it back on.”

As soon as I turned it on a message appeared on the screen saying the CPU fan had failed and then it turned off. Tyson asked me to wait a few more seconds and then turn it on again. I did and got the boot page from where it continued on.

While waiting for it to complete the reboot my dogs started to bark. Tyson said it sound like I have a big dog and asked me what kind of dog I had. I told him and we started talking about his brother’s dogs. Tyson was very friendly and chatty. I noticed he had a stammer or stutter and a Canadian accent. I realized I was not talking to the same Tyson as before. What are the odds that there would be two Tysons working on this case?

I had to squelch down the urge to say something. I liked this guy he was easy to work with and very pleasant. He told me this was the second time I had this machine repaired according to his notes. I said no, not yet but pretty soon. He laughed.

The computer asked a bunch of questions such as language, time zone etc… It seemed to be working properly. It brought up the desktop and then a blue screen came on with the words:

  • DO NOT turn off you PC during this one-time setup process
  • Your PC restarts several times during this setup process
  • Messages may pop up onto your screen. Ignore these messages until you are prompted to Restart or Shutdown your PC

At the bottom of the screen it says please wait.

I told Tyson it was like this before it went black. He said lets just see what it does and asked me how long it lasted last time. It was about ten minutes. Tyson tells me he will call me back at 5pm my time. He mentions to me he in Canada. The other Tyson was calling from Tx.

The computer has not restarted since that message came on the screen half an hour ago. It just went black a minute ago. Since the installation the computer has a loud hum to it. Tyson should be calling any minute.