A couple of months ago I wrote a post about being in dire straights. I asked my readers how they made money online because most of my real world jobs had gone away due to the crappy economy. I also called my ex husband a lot of four letter words for not paying child support.

The response I received was overwhelming. The suggestions were not only useful but they actually worked so I decided to create this eBook to share it with people who are looking to earn money online. Real money, not pie in the sky, $1000’s per day kind of crap, but real ways to earn a living online. In my search to work from home and online I have purchased more of those kinds of products than I care to admit. They all say the same thing and none of the ideas are really very feasible. The suggestions in my eBook are all legitimate, none of them work on autopilot, you actually have to work. I don’t make any promises about how much you can make but so far my worst day has been $75 and my best day has been $275. Not bad, but it wasn’t easy and it took work. The key was to have many pans on the fire rather than just waiting for Adsense to kick in. I don’t even talk about SEO or Forex so don’t get nervous.

I have not decided on the service I want to use to sell it however so for the next 72 hours or so I am selling it on my blog for $5. I’m calling it Beta Testing. I haven’t figured out which company I want to use to handle the automatic download after purchase so I figured while I work that out you guys could try it out and give me any feedback on bugs, missing links and poor grammar.

It’s worth every penny, in fact a whole lot more. I have partnered with Adgitize and they are offering a free week long trial membership worth $12 for new members or those who haven’t advertised in six months. If you haven’t used Adgitize it is a great way to get traffic and to make money doing it. If you have used them but not in a while it’s a great time to try again. Their customer service is supreme. In addition to that I am giving away a week of advertising on my blog for everyone who buys my eBook, a $5 value right there. So for purchasing my eBook for $5 you get $17 worth of advertising and services. As soon as I find a distributor for the eBook the price will go up, though I really don’t know how much, since they will have to take their cut. Right now I can charge whatever I want and since it is still in beta testing mode I thought $5 was reasonable. It took me four weeks to create.

The problem with selling it this way for the next 72 hours is that I don’t have automatic delivery of the product. When you purchase the eBook through the Paypal button below I will get an email and then will have to send the eBook to you. For the most part this isn’t a big deal since I am usually at my computer, however I need to sleep and sometimes I have to use the bathroom so there might be a lag between when you purchase the eBook and when you receive it. This is why I need a third party to handle the transaction but it will also increase the price. Which is why for the next 72 hours you can purchase this eBook full of incredible resources for dirt cheap. My need to pee and sleep is $17 in your pocket.

Make real money online

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