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Some of you may remember that I have a little Dyson Envy of Margaret and her two Dysons. I believe she got one as a door prize years ago at Blogher and didn’t bother to give it away. Not that I would have either but do you really need two?

Anyway, I’ve wanted a Dyson for a long time even though I have a really good vacuum. I have an Oreck and it usually works great but it’s not as sexy as a Dyson so I want a Dyson. Kinda like I want a Mercedes.

Now, I’m not gonna pluck down $500 for a Dyson or pay that much each month in a car payment for a Mercedes. Even if I could I wouldn’t because there are so many other better things I could waste my money on. I can’t think of any right now but I am sure there are better things than sexy vacuums and over priced (but totally awesome) vehicles.

It doesn’t matter because I have an Oreck.

And while Dyson might be all British accenty and sexy you can’t get a muppet to service them on a Sunday morning without calling in advance.

I noticed my vacuum wasn’t picking up anything off the carpet. It could get the stuff off the hardwood floor but it would leave most of the hair and stuffing from the dog toys on the rug. I tried cleaning the roller and checked to see if anything was clogging the tube to no avail.

The only thing left to do was bring it to my Oreck shop in Roseville and see if they could figure out the problem.

The problem was I was in a hurry and I am impatient. I just wanted to drop it off, get a loaner and head on out.

But Bob, the muppet like assistant manager was having none of that. He quickly assessed the problem and went about fixing it. Turns out the roller doohicky thingy was bad. I don’t know how it was bad because I had just replaced it a few months ago but I took his word for it. Bob didn’t think anyone should have to deal with a bad roller thingy and swiped it out. While he was at it he also changed the baseplate thing that basically is the bottom of the vacuum and got all the burned hair that accumulates on the thing that keeps the roller in place. I think he even replaced the belt. He did all of this within five minutes and he did it for no charge.

Now if I had a sexy Dyson I’d have had to make a call or 15, troubleshoot the problem, find an authorized service center (which would have turned out to be my Oreck store) and then schedule a time to drop it off, hope they had a loaner, and then wait two weeks to get it back if it could be fixed.

So the lesson is if you live in the Twin Cities and are thinking about getting a new vacuum go out to the Roseville Oreck store and buy one from Bob the muppet.