I decided to walk away from the devil that has possessed my computer or my own bad Karma. It seemed to me a trip to the liquor store was called for. When I turned on my car, AC/DC was on the radio with Hell’s Bells.

My ex husband’s van broke down yesterday. I have a spare vehicle so I drove it to his house in the sister city. Due to the bridge collapse I had to drive way out of the way to get there. This was during rush hour traffic and I had a hungry and crabby child with me. I delivered it with a full tank of gas. I did not ask for any compensation or even when he might be fixing his own vehicle so I might anticipate how long he will have mine. I didn’t think of these things. He needed a way to get around and I have an extra truck. It seemed like the right thing to do.

I’m a nice person, I don’t deserve this at all.