What’s Under Your Couch?

This is Ruby's toy box.  As you can see it's empty. I buy her a lot of toys and she gets all of the toys that Stanley gets because he doesn't like toys. She got some great dog toys for Christmas and even takes all the cat toys. This dog is not wanting for toys, I promise you. So why aren't there any dog toys

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Indestructible Dog Toys

We go through a lot of dog toys around here. Ruby, the lab/boxer/pitbull puppy can destroy any dog toy within minutes. I've searched high and low for a dog toy that lasts longer than one day. I'd also like to find one that doesn't make a mess. This is the cow toy with another toy inside. It's got a tennis ball on a rope inside

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Why I Love imgur

I discovered imgur a few months ago. I don't exactly remember how, I probably stumbled on it one day while surfing (good old fashioned web surfing where you just follow the links to see where they take you {it's probably a little harder to do that without anxiety if you are using a Windows PC rather than a Mac}) the internet for holiday recipes. Anyway,

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Size Matters But A Huge Teddy Bear Will Not Get You Laid

Happy Valentine's Day It's that time of year again. Valentine's Day is just around the corner and the people at the Vermont Teddy Bear Co have come up with another brilliant ad campaign. It's called Size Matters and the idea is if you buy your sweetheart a huge teddy bear you will get some. Of course to cover all bases the hapless men are encouraged to

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Bad Dog

File this under I Should Have Known Better. I put away all the remotes, coasters, books and anything else that was lying around at puppy eye level. I've learned my lesson, I thought, as I picked up my daughter's favorite teddy bear and locked it in her room for safe keeping. Then I left the house to go to the Y for a quick work

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Fun Halloween Statistics

Halloween is less than a week away. As I write this it is snowing but next week it looks to be perfect trick or treat weather. What follows is some fun statistics about Halloween. Costumes, candy and bobbing for apples are just some of the things we do on All Hallows Eve. According to this infographic candy bars like Snickers, Hershey bars and Milky Ways

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Creating a Bestseller

I'm glad I didn't see this infographic on successful books before I started writing. It's nice to see the stats of what sells when it comes to books but I don't think a book should be written because it will sell. A book should be written because it needs to be written. The story needs to be told. If it's a good story the audience

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Pork on the Grill

October is Pork Month and Costco is having a great sale on all different cuts of pork. I made this with a tenderloin from Costco. I seasoned it with one of my favorite Penzy's spice mixes; Galena Street Rub, and put it on the grill. I've been doing the no carb thing for the past several month but forgot about pork. I've eaten more chicken

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Listerine Smart Rinse Sweet Smart Challenge

We are excited to be participating in the Listerine Smart Rinse Sweet Smart Challenge. Wow, what a mouthful! If you've read my blog for more than a year you might have read this little ditty about ex#2 accusing me of feeding our child epoxy. Don't worry, I didn't. We have a bit of a tartar problem. That's the royal 'we', I don't have a problem

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Father’s Day Flowers

Father's Day is just around the corner and I bet he doesn't want another tie or t-shirt that says #1 Dad. Okay, he might want another shirt and would probably even wear it with considerable pride but have you ever considered getting your dad some flowers? I can speak from experience, there are some dads out there would really appreciate a nice orchid rather than

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