I discovered imgur a few months ago. I don’t exactly remember how, I probably stumbled on it one day while surfing (good old fashioned web surfing where you just follow the links to see where they take you {it’s probably a little harder to do that without anxiety if you are using a Windows PC rather than a Mac}) the internet for holiday recipes.

Anyway, I came across this most magical and wonderful site. It had the most amazing group of users who submitted the most hilarious images.

Sure, some of the images were actually text but that’s okay because it was all about sharing the good stuff. Spend ten minutes on imgur and the odds are pretty good you’ll find something that will make you cry, pee or most certainly share.

Here are some of my favorites. Yeah, they have to do with pets, sacrilege or both but fear not. There’s all kinds of stuff about Hobbits, Redheads and Emma Stone/Jennifer Lawrence (but I suppose that might be redheads {not necessarily real redheads}). If those don’t tickle your fancy there are always the inspiring stories about weight loss and coming out.

*some of these might be a little offensive especially if you don’t have a sense of humor.

Look I’m a Hooman…Dur Dur Dur

Jesus Dog Butt

Jesus and his baby raptor

And one of my all time favorites…Where is Max?

In addition to some great images there are tons of gifs and if I knew how to embed them I would. Instead I’ll just leave a few links to some you might find funny.

Forgot how to stairs

What is this contraption?

Lawd Almighty!


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