teriyaki pork

October is Pork Month and Costco is having a great sale on all different cuts of pork.

I made this with a tenderloin from Costco. I seasoned it with one of my favorite Penzy’s spice mixes; Galena Street Rub, and put it on the grill.


I’ve been doing the no carb thing for the past several month but forgot about pork. I’ve eaten more chicken and hamburger than I ever want to eat. Adding pork to the mix has made this new way of life something I can do much easier.

The great thing about pork is that it is versatile, inexpensive and it’s easy to cook. I overcook chicken with utter abandon while my hamburgers tend to be a little purple. I don’t do this on purpose I just can’t cook meat properly.

Pork is easy. Throw it on the grill (or oven or even in a pan) and turn once in a while. Insert thermometer and if it’s 145 degrees it’s good to go. You can learn more about cooking pork here.

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