File this under I Should Have Known Better.

I put away all the remotes, coasters, books and anything else that was lying around at puppy eye level. I’ve learned my lesson, I thought, as I picked up my daughter’s favorite teddy bear and locked it in her room for safe keeping.

Then I left the house to go to the Y for a quick work out before coming back and doing some more editing on my book Minnesota Nice (feel free to like the Facebook page for it on the right sidebar over there ->->-> ).

Bad dog, dog who ate Christmas tree ornaments off the tree, things dogs do when you go to the Y, things dogs do when you leave the house

I really should have known better.

What’s worse is that the other dog, and the cat, didn’t do anything to stop it. I actually feel betrayed by Stanley. Ruby, the puppy, sat at the tree and just gnawed at the ornaments. Many of them were hanging in the tree half chewed.

ornament chewed in half by a dog, dogs who eat the ornaments off the Christmas trees

What’s remarkable is that she doesn’t have a scratch on her. She has no cuts or any sign that she ate roughly three boxes of glass ornaments. She even ate Toilet Paper Man.

Guess who’s on the Naughty List this year?

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