This is Ruby’s toy box.  As you can see it’s empty. I buy her a lot of toys and she gets all of the toys that Stanley gets because he doesn’t like toys. She got some great dog toys for Christmas and even takes all the cat toys.

This dog is not wanting for toys, I promise you.

So why aren’t there any dog toys in the toy box?

Because they are all under the couch.

This is actually a smaller haul than usual. I’m pretty sure I cleaned out underneath the couch before the holidays so there was a lot less stuff than what I might find if I had waited the standard time of 6 months between cleanings.

stuff you find under the couch, dog toys under the couch, where do all the dog toys go

Yes, that is a nearly empty jar of peanut butter. I find nearly empty peanut butter jars under the couch more than I like to admit.

There is also an empty bottle of Gatorade, a tube from Christmas wrapping paper, 4 Kongs in various shapes and sizes, what’s left of a rope toy from last Christmas, a beef bone that I fill with dog food and then freeze in the warmer months, several cat toys, the snout of a squeaky toy pig and even a small container of Glow in the Dark Thinking Putty. There was also a set of ear buds but they are wrapped around the springs under the couch and I couldn’t get them free (I suspect the cat had something to do with that).

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