Father’s Day is just around the corner and I bet he doesn’t want another tie or t-shirt that says #1 Dad. Okay, he might want another shirt and would probably even wear it with considerable pride but have you ever considered getting your dad some flowers?

I can speak from experience, there are some dads out there would really appreciate a nice orchid rather than a t-shirt with #1 Dad on it.

And I know almost every dad would prefer flowers to a brand new toilet seat.

Yes, I actually got my dad a toilet seat (2 actually) for Father’s Day one year. My dad was the kind of guy who had everything. If he wanted something he went out and got it. There was nothing my brother and I could give him because he would have already gone out and bought three. We got him wood toilet seats to replace the ones that had cracked several years before. It seemed like a thoughtful gift.

He wasn’t very please and if I had a back up orchid on hand I could have recovered from the faux pas.

Don’t be the child who doesn’t have a back up orchid on hand for when you give your dad a really lame Father’s Day gift.

If you want to find some great flowers for Father’s Day (or for any occasion) then check out this Noblesville flower delivery shop. You won’t find any wooden toilet seats but you can find beautiful back up orchids.

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