Daughter Gets 5 Teeth Removed With Laughing Gas

Last week my daughter had to have 5 teeth removed. Apparently there is a little crowding going on and because she won't let her baby teeth fall out we had to have some of them removed. This is a video of the nurse (who was wonderful) prepping her for the surgery. Because Maddie is a little nervous about needles we decided that a little laughing

Daughter Gets 5 Teeth Removed With Laughing Gas2012-03-21T11:15:34-05:00

The Kid Finally Makes it to the Wall

Before the internet and digital everything I took pictures, usually of my son, developed the images, enlarged the images, framed the images and then hung them on my walls. My living room and hallway is filled with great pictures of my son and his cousins when they were little. Noticeably absent is the daughter She isn't on any of the walls or even in any

The Kid Finally Makes it to the Wall2012-02-24T10:25:09-06:00

New Online Shopping Love

Years ago I did eBay. Back in the good old days eBay was a great way to make a little money selling things you no longer had any use for and a way to find things that weren't available in stores. If you could figure out how to drop ship several products it was apparently a great way to earn tons of money. However, like

New Online Shopping Love2012-02-01T10:50:06-06:00

High Heel Hazards

This is for Nicky and Linda who both live in high heeled shoes. I know they both have amazing gams and love to show off their sexy legs in these shoes. But as you can see high heels can do some damage as this infographic shows. I love heels, there isn't anything so bad that a new pair of shoes can't fix. For me, I'm

High Heel Hazards2012-01-30T14:41:30-06:00

Glasses USA

I was recently approached by one of the marketing people from GlassesUSA.com who asked me if I would like to review a pair of their glasses. As luck would have it I had just scheduled an eye exam so I was pretty thrilled to be asked to review an online glasses shop. I was given a coupon code and was actually able to purchase two

Glasses USA2011-11-22T17:41:42-06:00

Are You Ready for Winter?

I'm not. I'm in complete denial that it's coming this year. I know the east coast has already had a huge snowstorm but over here in Minnesota it's 58 degrees, sunny and not a bit of snow. And I am loving it! I'm not prepared for winter but my daughter is. Since November 1st she has been wearing her winter jacket to and from school. She

Are You Ready for Winter?2011-11-09T13:58:04-06:00

I Channeled Lucille Ball for my Wedding

Last night at the Tribal Blogs Slumber Party we got to talking about bad hair or drunk hairdressers or maybe it was just bad marriages. I'm not really sure because the conversation was going so quickly. Anyway, I mentioned that I looked like Lucille Ball at my first wedding and of course everyone wanted to see a picture. So I posted this Because the conversation

I Channeled Lucille Ball for my Wedding2011-04-17T16:17:25-05:00

WTF?! Grocery Store Edition

I was floored this morning when I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some Mayo and some bread for the kids' lunches. When the hell did Hellman's (Best Foods for you guys in the west) start selling for $7! Last month I picked up a huge jar on sale at Walgreen's for $2.99. How could food prices go up so high in just

WTF?! Grocery Store Edition2011-03-27T14:49:03-05:00

We’re Taking The Metro Dentalcare Two Week Challenge to Brighter Smiles!

Yep, we are up to the challenge. Metro Dentalcare is challenging Minnesota families to brush their teeth twice a day for two minutes each day. Sounds easy enough but if you have kids, getting them to brush their teeth can be a challenge in itself. Metro Dentalcare has given me this awesome care package to help me get my kids to brush their teeth. As

We’re Taking The Metro Dentalcare Two Week Challenge to Brighter Smiles!2011-03-21T09:51:05-05:00

I Hate My Cat

I've had it with the cat. Each night she wakes me up at 2am. I don't know what she wants because she doesn't tell me. When she wakes me she runs to the basement where her food dish and litter box are kept. I check both to make sure one is filled and the other is empty and then I go back to bed.  

I Hate My Cat2011-03-11T13:53:17-06:00

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