I’m not. I’m in complete denial that it’s coming this year. I know the east coast has already had a huge snowstorm but over here in Minnesota it’s 58 degrees, sunny and not a bit of snow.

And I am loving it!

I’m not prepared for winter but my daughter is. Since November 1st she has been wearing her winter jacket to and from school. She has also insisted on wearing her had and mittens and if she knew where her winter boots were stored she’d be wearing those too.

You’ll Catch a Cold

I don’t know where she got this practicality. It certainly didn’t come from me because unless there is snow on the ground I won’t wear a coat. And I’m not the only one. I’ve noticed all kinds of people freezing on bus stops or dashing to their chilly cars in the morning (we might have warm days in the 50s but the mornings are usually below freezing).

I don’t wear a winter coat without snow for a couple of reasons. First, I’ve realized I can only tell if it is cold outside by looking to see if the ground is white or green. White = cold, green = warm. There is no in between. Second, and probably more importantly, I have a crappy looking coat and would prefer to not wear it at all but when we have three feet of snow on the ground and we aren’t sure if we will have to push a car out, a coat comes in handy.

I need a new coat. I have a Carhartt from 1998. I bought it from Fleet Farm which is a rural store that sells stuff to the hunter, fisherman, kaczynskis of the world, and people who wear overalls. It’s a huge store, you can get everything there (and always at a great price). It’s a man’s Carhartt (though in a lovely shade of green) because they don’t make them for women and they were under $100. It’s in surprisingly good shape for a coat that has been worn each winter (8 months of the year in these parts) for the last 13 years. Because it is in still pretty good shape I have a hard time justifying the purchase of a new one and because I don’t live near Fleet Farm anymore.

Maybe I’m not Feminine Enough

I’ve considered this when going to a function where a coat is necessary and yet wearing a man’s coat, a working man’s coat, doesn’t really work and I end up going without a coat. The problem is I want to get myself a fur coat.

Before you all start throwing buckets of blood at me, hear me out. There are tons of perfectly good used fur jackets for sale, the animal has already died, the coat is perfectly good, it may as well get used.



What about leather? Leather is still okay isn’t it. Can cows shed their skin so we don’t have to kill them?

I didn’t think so.

So why is it okay to kill a cow but not okay to kill some little rodent that is probably mean and would bite you if you put your hand to close to it?

Because it looks cute and a cow doesn’t.

I’ve gotten so far off track I don’t know where I was going with all of this. All I know is I need a new coat, I don’t want another Carhartt, and fur is really warm. However, if winter stays like it is now I won’t need a new coat.


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