I’ve had it with the cat. Each night she wakes me up at 2am. I don’t know what she wants because she doesn’t tell me. When she wakes me she runs to the basement where her food dish and litter box are kept. I check both to make sure one is filled and the other is empty and then I go back to bed.


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She wakes me again as soon as I have fallen asleep. I am convinced she waits until I am asleep to wake me up.

She will do this every hour on the hour until 5am when she starts to get a little sleepy and then she wants to curl up at my feet like nothing happened.


I’ve tried everything. I’ve kept a spray bottle filled with water by my bed for the last couple of weeks and while she doesn’t really like getting misted it doesn’t stop her. I only have a mist setting, there is no stream of water to go shooting at her. Obviously I need a new spray bottle with more settings.

I’m not getting enough sleep and it is beginning to show. I am forgetful, tired and very crabby.

What is wrong with my cat and how can I make her stop it?

Last night in my frustration and lack of sleep I went after the cat with the hose from the sink. It wasn’t easy because the cat is faster than me and she is dark so finding her was not easy. At 3am I was in the kitchen with the lights out spraying water aimlessly hoping to hit the cat because water is the only thing I know of which cats are not supposed to like. I don’t know if I actually got her wet but I did get the dog who ambled in to see what was going on and I managed to spray enough on the floor so that I slipped and nearly broke my neck.

I have tried putting pennies into a tin can and shaking it when she tries to wake me up. Of course in order for me to shake or spray I have to be awake so what good is it doing if I have to wake up anyway?

I now spend a good deal of my day seeking out the cat and waking her up. She doesn’t really like it but unless I keep bugging her she just goes back to sleep. She wins because she doesn’t have to work or take care of the kids or cook the food or really do anything at all during the daylight hours. She is a cat for crying out loud, she doesn’t have a job and she isn’t a mother, she doesn’t have any responsibilities so if she is up all night long she can sleep all day.


Does anyone have any suggestions? I really need some sleep.

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