Last week my daughter had to have 5 teeth removed. Apparently there is a little crowding going on and because she won’t let her baby teeth fall out we had to have some of them removed. This is a video of the nurse (who was wonderful) prepping her for the surgery. Because Maddie is a little nervous about needles we decided that a little laughing gas was necessary to get her calmed down before the procedure. They call it laughing gas for a reason. This funny video of my daughter getting laughing gas shows no actual teeth removal so you don’t need to worry about seeing blood.

I have to apologize, it’s a little long because I don’t know how to edit a video. I’m pretty sure there is some software I could use but both Youtube and iPhoto only allow me to trim it on the ends.

And here is the follow up video of her coming out of the anesthesia. She’s a much different character in the second video.


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