laughing redhead,redhead with freckles, child with red hair and freckles laughing, child laughing, little red haired girl laughing, cute redhead laughingBefore the internet and digital everything I took pictures, usually of my son, developed the images, enlarged the images, framed the images and then hung them on my walls. My living room and hallway is filled with great pictures of my son and his cousins when they were little.

Noticeably absent is the daughter

She isn’t on any of the walls or even in any framed pictures on furniture tops. The daughter is in the digital frame, online, in my phone and on the fridge but she hasn’t made it into a frame and hung on the wall.

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It’s not because she isn’t photogenic, she is, it’s just that I suck at hanging pictures. If you peer behind any of the frames hanging on my walls you will noticed numerous holes where picture hangers had been placed but then removed due to being just a little off center.

Measure once and cut twice…or something like that

I like to eyeball things. I don’t bother measuring because it’s an extra step and I have a really good eye for these kinds of things. Besides, the pictures are large so there is a lot of wiggle room, right?

Recently I took some really great pictures of my daughter and I think it’s time she made it to the wall. Problem is there isn’t much room left on the wall so I can only choose one image. Of the two on this page which would you blow up, frame and hang on the wall?

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