Years ago I did eBay. Back in the good old days eBay was a great way to make a little money selling things you no longer had any use for and a way to find things that weren’t available in stores. If you could figure out how to drop ship several products it was apparently a great way to earn tons of money. However, like all good things that must come to an end eBay got gamed by unscrupulous sellers and buyers which ruined it for everyday sellers just trying to clean out there basement or get rid of old baby clothes.

I gave up an eBay a long time ago and figured since they still cornered the market, and I didn’t have time to figure out Amazon, I’d give up selling my stuff online and buying other peoples stuff.

Now there is a new kid at the online shopping table, it’s called CentrSource and it’s pretty cool. CentrSource is an online shopping network that allows you to find offers that are relevant and in your neighborhood. They allow their trusted sellers to reach you with targeted and local offers. It’s easy to use and the search results only produce offers that are of interest to you because you built the parameters. You can shop online and you can sell online, you get reward points called SourcePoint$ every time you refer a friend to join your shopping community. The cool thing is the offers are not only made by joe average person but also by well known brands.

Additionally there are coupons and group offerings like on Groupon or Living Social. It’s as if they took the best of all the different online shopping methods and put them all together.


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