You Know You’re a Minnesotan When

As a lifelong Minnesotan (except for those years I lived in Washington, Wisconsin, Texas and Colorado) I am always amazed at how different we are from the rest of the country. Okay, we probably aren't that different, we just have different regional tastes and traditions. Still, as Minnesota has made it's way into the vernacular thanks most to movies like Grumpy Old Men, Fargo and

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How to Drive in Snow

Now more than ever it's important to learn how to drive in snow. This past weekend a good chunk of the nation received several inches, if not feet, of snow. In fact, 49 of 5o states have been affected by this massive storm. Not every state is covered in snow, but there are many places that don't normally see snow who are now forced to navigate

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Chris Brown on the Today Show

I don't understand The Today Show. Can someone explain to me why it's okay to promote a known abuser and yet they stand in judgement of someone like Nadya Sulemon? I'm not defending Octomom, I think anyone with more than a handful of kids is crazy but just a generation ago people had lots and lots of kids, and exploited all of them. My ex

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Are You Ready for Winter?

I'm not. I'm in complete denial that it's coming this year. I know the east coast has already had a huge snowstorm but over here in Minnesota it's 58 degrees, sunny and not a bit of snow. And I am loving it! I'm not prepared for winter but my daughter is. Since November 1st she has been wearing her winter jacket to and from school. She

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It’s Here!

Talk about Karma smacking me in the ass. My last post I made the mistake of saying it had been unseasonably warm and thus I was not yet into the holiday spirit. Smack! It's here and I'm not ready. There is a big pile of leaves in my backyard that were supposed to be raked the day this storm hit. I should actually be thankful

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I might as well be pregnant

Image via Wikipedia This heat is killing me.  The worst part? We aren't even breaking any records. It's hot, but not OMFG I'm so hot I will melt if I stand still outside. My bedroom doesn't have A/C. In fact my bedroom is probably the warmest room in the house which is why the youngest child and the dog pile into bed with me each

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Second Annual Complain About the Heat Post

Here it is my second annual complain about the heat post. It's too hot. Too hot to do just about anything except park myself in front of the fan between trips to the bathroom because I am drinking so much water. I don't know why I live in this part of the country. It's too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

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Let the Bitching Begin

Last time I bitched about the weather was April 29th. It was cold then. Yesterday the temp reached 95 degrees. This is officially "hot as a fuck". I love this saying. I learned it from the balloon guy I worked for 20 some years ago. The one my son is working for now. He is originally from New Jersey and has a very colorful vocabulary.

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