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This heat is killing me.  The worst part? We aren’t even breaking any records. It’s hot, but not OMFG I’m so hot I will melt if I stand still outside.

My bedroom doesn’t have A/C. In fact my bedroom is probably the warmest room in the house which is why the youngest child and the dog pile into bed with me each night.  My daughter’s room is in the attic, it is OMFG hot up there but she has an A/C unit in her window. She just doesn’t like it.

The dog is a pussy and won’t go anywhere in the house alone anymore. Thank you all you people who light off firecrackers, I really appreciate it.

Prior to everyone else joining me it isn’t that bad. I have a ceiling fan and it does a nice job of keeping the air moving. Add a kid and a furry dog and suddenly the fan is just spreading warm air around, and gas, the dog has a lot of gas.

So I get up and go into the living room and sleep on the couch. Which means I watch TV at 2 o’clock in the morning. Because I can.

There is nothing good on TV at 2am. Nothing.

I try to fall asleep but the couch is really uncomfortable as a bed. It’s great as a place to sit but not to lie down. The dog hair doesn’t help the situation.

So I go back to my bedroom, try to move both of them out of my space and give it a try again.

I end up watching TV again (I have a TV in my bedroom and usually set the timer to fall asleep to it).

I get up and go back to the living room.

Where I watch TV again. I watch some cable news channel and see a story about Microsoft Tone. Kinda like Spellcheck and Grammarcheck but this one checks the tone of voice in your emails. I laugh because if I used this it would never let me send anything because I always have a ‘tone’.

I can’t remember being this uncomfortable when sleeping except for when I was in the last month of pregnancy, that time when you really need your sleep because it won’t be happening again for several years.

I’ve called a guy about installing central air. When I had the furnace replaced a couple of years ago we made sure it had some little doohicky so it was all ready to have the A/C installed when it came time. Last year it was 74 and perfect all summer long. The guy will be here later this week to give me  a proper bid.

I am sure that once it is installed the weather will settle into something like 74 and sunny for the rest of the season. But at least I will finally get some sleep.

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