Last time I bitched about the weather was April 29th. It was cold then. Yesterday the temp reached 95 degrees. This is officially “hot as a fuck”. I love this saying. I learned it from the balloon guy I worked for 20 some years ago. The one my son is working for now. He is originally from New Jersey and has a very colorful vocabulary.

Anyway it’s hot. I hate the heat even more than I hate the frigid cold. In the cold you can add more layers. I have not figured out a way to take off my skin.

I also hate the humidity. The cereal is not crunchy nor are the crackers or chips. It doesn’t matter that I duct tape the bags and boxes closed they still manage to get soggy within a day of opening them.

The dogs smell worse in the summer time. The only saving grace there is that when it isn’t hot as a fuck I can open the windows and the breeze at least airs out the house. Not so in the winter time.

My neighbor trimmed my tree about a month ago. I have been waiting for a day where there is no wind so I can burn the branches. This summer has been extremely windy, more so than hot. Today it is calm. No wind at all. It would be perfect to burn except that it is too bloody hot.

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