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It’s come way too early this year. Last year my annual complain about the heat post was published on June 23rd, that’s nearly a whole month early. The first annual complain about the heat post didn’t happen until July 16th of 2008. Clearly global warming is not just a theory.

To make matters worse I have a sick kid. I’m just throwing that out there because I need sympathy. I’m tired, hot and crabby. I’m going to be so much fun when menopause kicks in in about ten years.

Yesterday the temperature reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity levels in the tropical zone. I had my heat on a week ago.

Because of the boy’s broken wrist I have not gotten the window air conditioners in yet. Yeah, I could do it but that would mean going into the hot as hell attic and dragging the damn thing down, putting it in a window and all that other stuff. The boy doesn’t have a whole lot of jobs around the house, he is mostly in charge of keeping his grades up so he can get into a great college, get an advanced degree in something and then support his mother after that. At least that is my retirement plan. Luckily we spent the day at the orthopedists office yesterday and he has been given the all clear sign. He doesn’t have to wear the brace anymore and we don’t have to see the doctor anymore. So today he is installing air conditioners when he gets home from school.

Because it is so hot I haven’t got anything amusing to say, however some other bloggers haven’t been hit by the heat yet and have managed to say some hilarious things.

Kathy, from the Junk Drawer, prompted by my last post, tells her story of children starting fires for Jesus.

Margaret from Nanny Goats in Panties has her cute goat on. You can’t stop yourself from saying “Awwww”. This post has also been an inspiration for an upcoming post, can you guess what I am going to talk about?

Don’t forget to submit your photos for Friday’s How Did We Survive post. I’ve already received some hilarious photos. It was pointed out to me that a lot of times these moments of survival weren’t captured on film so if you have a story you would like to share please feel free to submit that as well. This will be a linky love post so be sure to send me your blog URL and your name or moniker so I can link to your blog.

Stay cool everyone!