I don’t understand The Today Show. Can someone explain to me why it’s okay to promote a known abuser and yet they stand in judgement of someone like Nadya Sulemon?

I’m not defending Octomom, I think anyone with more than a handful of kids is crazy but just a generation ago people had lots and lots of kids, and exploited all of them. My ex husband’s parents each came from large families 13 and 15 kids respectively. They were Catholic and farm families so no one shook a finger at them because they were doing what they were told and expected to do. All the kids started working as soon as they were able to. I’m pretty sure CPS were not called in.

And yet The Today Show invites Nadya Sulemon on their show to show the world how she is struggling and yet they don’t offer her some kind of lifeline. Matt Lauer (whom I love) publicly shames her and pretty much tells her she got what she deserved. I’ve never seen such contempt displayed.

And yet they promote Chris Brown, a guy who beat up his girlfriend.

They also promote his dumbass girlfriend who keeps going back to him even though she knows what he is likely to do.

Chris Brown already makes millions of dollars as does his girlfriend Rihanna. Nadya Sulemon is struggling something fierce and yet no one will help this woman out. Shame Ocotomom all you want but giving her a hand would help her kids. A lot.

The Today Show has a lot of power here and yet they choose to sit in judgement of her, which prevents other people from producing a reality show about this woman. If millions of people are willing to watch a bunch of Kardashians or stupid kids from NJ and even more are willing to watch Kate and her large brood or that other family with 20 kids and counting (who, I might add, are taking stupidity to another level by continuing to try to procreate when they know it isn’t the wisest choice). If people are willing to waste their time watching those shows I promise you they would watch Ocotomom and all her kids.

Maybe if Nadya Sulemon beat Rihanna to a pulp the Today Show might help her out?

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