Minnesota winter

Talk about Karma smacking me in the ass. My last post I made the mistake of saying it had been unseasonably warm and thus I was not yet into the holiday spirit.


It’s here and I’m not ready. There is a big pile of leaves in my backyard that were supposed to be raked the day this storm hit. I should actually be thankful for that, now I don’t have to nag the teen until spring.

Of course, now I have to nag him to shovel.

I’m not ready for winter, I still have pumpkins on the front steps and I haven’t gotten the winter clothes out of storage. I can’t find the mittens, hats or gloves.

I am ready to slow down a bit and just chill, quite literally because my windows are pretty drafty and I haven’t covered all the windows in 3M plastic yet.

As snowfalls go, this was not the monster storm that the media made it out to be. We did get about 8 inches but the ground was warm so it turned to slush, the driving was not that difficult. However, I was not one of the 100,000 people to lose power so what do I know?

It’s here, more snow is falling as I write this, and more is expected throughout the week. I don’t think I will see my lawn again for at least five months. I’m not ready to write my annual bitch about the cold post but my guess is it’s going to come sooner than it usually does. I’m getting too old for snow and cold, I don’t like it anymore. I want to have year round fall or spring, or I need to move to San Diego, or just suck it up.

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