Assist by AOL, a New Twin Cities Service!

Assist by AOL Membership Service Provides US-Based and 24/7 Remote Tech Support AOL, that's right, the old "You've got mail", purveyor of all those CDs that cluttered your desk and weighed down the mailman, America Online -- that AOL, is proud to announce the Twin Cities launch of Assist by AOL, a single source solution that provides technical support for any number of issues on

Assist by AOL, a New Twin Cities Service!2015-05-06T12:26:50-05:00

This Really is the Last One

I just wanted to add two more things about my experience with HP tech support. I have to give credit where it is due and HP did send the new computer in all recyclable material. There was no Styrofoam. I'm very pleased about that because I can recycle the whole thing after 20 days and not have to fill up my garbage container. * and

This Really is the Last One2008-03-27T12:25:00-05:00

Bad Advice From HP Technical Support

I left the computer running as I had been instructed by the tech support woman. After a few hours the computer shut down. I turned it back on and had the same CPU fan failure on the screen for a split second before it shut down again. It will not restart. I'm not surprised. I don't have it in me to call tech support today.

Bad Advice From HP Technical Support2008-03-22T09:22:00-05:00

Hewlett-Packard Has Very Very Bad Customer Service and Products

I decided to walk away from the devil that has possessed my computer or my own bad Karma. It seemed to me a trip to the liquor store was called for. When I turned on my car, AC/DC was on the radio with Hell's Bells. My ex husband's van broke down yesterday. I have a spare vehicle so I drove it to his house in

Hewlett-Packard Has Very Very Bad Customer Service and Products2008-03-21T18:35:00-05:00

No Call From Tyson

Tyson did not call back at 5:00pm so at 5:20pm I called him. A very nice Canadian woman answered and said that Tyson was on the phone with another customer. No problem I said I could wait. She said that he was off in ten minutes and would probably not get back to me until Monday. She sounded sad about this. As I said she

No Call From Tyson2008-03-21T16:45:00-05:00

Saga continues

I called Tyson, my case manager at Hewlett-Packard at 4:13pm central daylight time. Steve answered, asked very politely if he could help me. I said I had spoken with Tyson before but was happy to talk to him. I gave him my case number and he put me on hold to look for Tyson.When I talked to Tyson before he was short with me and

Saga continues2008-03-21T15:40:00-05:00

Tech Arrived at 1pm

This morning I received the motherboard, the hard drive and a few recovery discs. They were addressed to a Mr. A. Tabob, there is no one in the house with a name remotely like that. I took a risk since I could see they were from Hewlett-Packard and opened the packages. About an hour later I received a call from the technician who was scheduled

Tech Arrived at 1pm2008-03-21T14:37:00-05:00

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