Summer in Minnesota 2016: We Lost Prince and Found Jacob

They say this decade, the 2010s, has been pretty crappy for those who came of age during the 80s, we've lost so many of our icons. If that's true, then this summer has truly epitomized that sentiment, especially for Minnesotans. This Summer We Lost Prince and Found Jacob Summer 2016 has been a roller coaster ride. While not officially summer, it was warm (and that's

Summer in Minnesota 2016: We Lost Prince and Found Jacob2016-09-05T11:09:23-05:00

Obama and The Health Care Bill

Say what you want about Obama and his health care bill. I'm just glad to see that Emmanual Lewis has recovered from the death of Michael Jackson and has found an even more famous black man to hang onto.

Obama and The Health Care Bill2010-03-23T20:29:00-05:00

Google Stopped Loving Me

Before I made the move over to my own domain Google was giving me lots and lots of love.  Even though I sent out change of address cards to all the search engines they haven't gotten around to rerouting my mail, or searches by very strange individuals. I get a lot of visitors to my site based on some really weird and twisted searches. Most

Google Stopped Loving Me2009-10-05T21:58:34-05:00

Too Much TV

I've been watching a lot of tv lately. I blame this solely on Michael Jackson. I don't usually watch much tv but I am unable to pull myself away from the tv when bad things happen. I love train wrecks, I am a rubber necker. I cause those back up on the highway when there is an accident. I can't help but watch. I want

Too Much TV2009-07-09T08:32:00-05:00

Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death

Before I get into today's post I think it is important for all of us to tip our hats to Billy Mays, the Oxy Clean guy. If it weren't for him I would have never gotten those poop stains out of the carpet when my dog had Parvo and I would still be wearing spit up on my left shoulder. In honor of Billy Mays,

Michael Jackson Faked His Own Death2009-06-29T07:39:00-05:00

I have a cold

I have had the worst cold since Wednesday. Thank goodness Michael Jackson passed away or I would have had nothing to look at on the TV for the last three days. I can't believe how much the world came to a stop when he died. The war in Iraq seems to have ended, Democrats and Republicans stopped complaining about one another, The North Koreans seem

I have a cold2009-06-27T13:11:00-05:00

National Vagina Day

Today must be National Vagina Day and I managed to miss it on my calendar. Crotchety Old Man and Ettarose both wrote about Oprah's va jay jay today. From there I spotted this link on Unfinished Rambler's site. Coincidence? I think not. I wish I had known it was National Vagina Day. If I had, I would have worn some really frilly underpants and maybe

National Vagina Day2009-01-29T16:34:00-06:00


My electrician arrived yesterday and after getting caught up he got down to work. My electrician has finished every project that ex #2 (also an electrician) has ever started. He has been fixing my problems for the last five years so we had a little catching up to do. My daughter used to think he was way cool because he once had lunch with one


Happy Birthday Michael Jackson

Its Michael Jackson's 50th birthday today. Does that make you feel old? I remember when he was black. Back then we argued about Michael Jackson and Prince and who was the more popular celebrity, who had more talent and who was a freak. I was partial to Prince all those years ago as were most Minnesotans. We defended his freakishness. I always found it interesting

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson2008-08-29T08:33:00-05:00

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