Before I made the move over to my own domain Google was giving me lots and lots of love.  Even though I sent out change of address cards to all the search engines they haven’t gotten around to rerouting my mail, or searches by very strange individuals. I get a lot of visitors to my site based on some really weird and twisted searches. Most have something to do with redheads and certain parts of the female anatomy. Which is fine, I wrote a post about National Vagina Day and I happen to be a redhead so I’m okay with a few perverts coming to my site. Honestly I don’t care who visits my site, it’s all good, as long as no one leaves disgusting comments, besides Moooog of course.I also answered the age old question of whether or not redheads are better in bed. The answer was yes if you didn’t bother to read the post.

My post about how Michael Jackson faked his death was by far the most popular post that brought me traffic from Google. I wasn’t getting as many hits as I did back in July or August when I moved but I was still getting at least ten a day. Now that I have moved I get none. I’d be really nice if another well know celebrity freak overdosed sometime soon. Does Woody Allen take pain medication?

Another one of my posts that was ranked up at the top in a Google search was about my Kitchen Aid Coffee Maker and the Error 2 message that showed up on the display one day.  Apparently I’m not the only one who had an expensive yet incredibly crappy coffee maker.

Honestly I am surprised that I haven’t had more visitors based on cat torture or dogs in drag since half of my posts seem to be about those two things. Hopefully Google will start showing me love again, I miss my perverted traffic.

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