I have had the worst cold since Wednesday. Thank goodness Michael Jackson passed away or I would have had nothing to look at on the TV for the last three days. I can’t believe how much the world came to a stop when he died. The war in Iraq seems to have ended, Democrats and Republicans stopped complaining about one another, The North Koreans seem to have packed up their nukes and gone away. If it weren’t for that Senator who cheated on his wife, who is not standing by him, there wouldn’t be any news.

I don’t know what is worse, being sick with a cold in the summer or having to endure the song You Are Not Alone, with a nearly naked Michael Jackson, 39 times and on 17 different channels. What is wrong with Thriller? Why can’t they show that song over and over again? That was a good one, a fun one, a really cool one to watch and yet they show the video with Micheal and his pretend wife doing god knows what for three minutes.

I had a picture of me with Micheal Jackson during his one glove days but I couldn’t find it. I found the picture of me with Ronald Reagan and J.R. Ewing but have been unable to locate the one of Micheal. If I find it I will post it and for sure when Major Nelson dies I have it to post. What the hell is his name? This cold sucks. I can’t think straight and yet the meds don’t seem to have any effect on my symptoms.

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