Club Penguin and their Awesome Customer Service

Image by Jagrap via Flickr I was going to write a post today about what is wrong with the Republican party and what they need to do to fix it. However, I realized that only two of my regular readers would be interested in what I had to say on that subject and Jayne would skewer my every point, and probably rightfully so because she

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Good Customer Service

Not just good, but great. Most of you have not read my saga with Hewlett Packard. I wrote several posts about my struggle with their tech support, bad customer service and my desire to get my 4 month old computer repaired or replaced. It started here and ended here. There are 16 posts all together chronicling my struggle with Hewlett Packard but if you really

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I Know Something My Son Doesn’t Know

Last night my son had to write a paper on a religion other than his own. He is an atheist so any religion would do. He chose daoism, researched it and wrote his paper. When he tried to print his paper the only thing that printed were the quotes and the pictures he used. None of his original thoughts and ideas printed out. I had

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I just got my mail and in it there is a copy of Men's Health addressed to a Mr. A. Tabob. This disturbs me on so many levels.


This Really is the Last One

I just wanted to add two more things about my experience with HP tech support. I have to give credit where it is due and HP did send the new computer in all recyclable material. There was no Styrofoam. I'm very pleased about that because I can recycle the whole thing after 20 days and not have to fill up my garbage container. * and

This Really is the Last One2008-03-27T12:25:00-05:00

Up and Running Again.

The new computer that Hewlett-Packard sent me seems to be working fine. I hope that if it is going to crash it does it in the next 20 days. I dread the thought of having to call tech support again.I was sent a survey by HP this morning to critique their service. You can imagine how I answered it. I hope they pay attention but

Up and Running Again.2008-03-27T09:33:00-05:00

New Computer Arrived From HP

The new computer arrived! I am setting it up right now. I have to load a bunch software and all the security so I'll be busy for the evening.So far it seems to be working.

New Computer Arrived From HP2008-03-26T14:05:00-05:00

Bad Advice From HP Technical Support

I left the computer running as I had been instructed by the tech support woman. After a few hours the computer shut down. I turned it back on and had the same CPU fan failure on the screen for a split second before it shut down again. It will not restart. I'm not surprised. I don't have it in me to call tech support today.

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Hewlett-Packard Has Very Very Bad Customer Service and Products

I decided to walk away from the devil that has possessed my computer or my own bad Karma. It seemed to me a trip to the liquor store was called for. When I turned on my car, AC/DC was on the radio with Hell's Bells. My ex husband's van broke down yesterday. I have a spare vehicle so I drove it to his house in

Hewlett-Packard Has Very Very Bad Customer Service and Products2008-03-21T18:35:00-05:00

On Hold With Heavily Accented Tech Support

I spoke with Moung or Maura in tech support. I'm not sure how its spelled. The regular tech support. I won't go through the whole thing but she told me that my mother board had not been shipped. I said it had because I received it today. She told me I had not. I repeated that I did indeed get a mother board today and

On Hold With Heavily Accented Tech Support2008-03-21T17:35:00-05:00

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