Last night my son had to write a paper on a religion other than his own. He is an atheist so any religion would do. He chose daoism, researched it and wrote his paper. When he tried to print his paper the only thing that printed were the quotes and the pictures he used. None of his original thoughts and ideas printed out. I had just bought ink for all of our printers last Friday so I knew it wasn’t because he was out of ink.

When I went to the big box store to buy the ink cartridges I brought the old empty ones with me so that I was sure to get the right ones. I have HP printers and even though the printers look the same they all take different cartridges. I was out of ink and only bought him new cartridges because I was already making the trip. Because I brought the old ones with I had to surrender them to get the discount on the new ones.

I installed the ink in my printer right away. They all look the same and yet none of the printers in this house have the cartridge number anywhere on the printer. So I guessed. I guessed wrong and after opening all of the cartridges finally got the right one for my printer. I brought the other opened ones down to my son and told him to insert them right away since I had already opened them and didn’t want them leaking.

My son came up to my office and asked if he could print out his paper on my computer. I asked why and he told me of the problem he was having. I asked him if her removed the little piece of pink tape on the cartridge and he said he didn’t know if he did but that wasn’t the problem. He said he needed to reconfigure his connections and whatnot.

I practically danced down the stairs to his bedroom.

“Where are you going mom?” He asked. “Can I use your computer?”

“I know something you don’t know about computers.” I sang as I opened the door to his printer.

“Yeah, right mom.” He said flatly.

I pulled out the black ink cartridge, removed the pink tape, reinserted it and hit the print button. The report printed out beautifully.

“See, I know some things” I said merrily to him.

“Meh.” was all he could say.

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