74 Days of Positivity

It's almost Halloween which means it's almost winter here in Minnesota so I've decided to have 74 days of positivity. If you're missing the obvious connection, that's okay. I'll explain. When the days start to get shorter I start to get this overwhelming urge to hibernate. I don't necessarily want to sleep, I just don't want to do anything. I tend to get down. I

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Pumpkin Nights Twin Cities

It's getting spooky out there at the MN State Fairgrounds! Pumpkin Night Twin Cities has taken over the fairgrounds and it's pretty spooktacular!! Actually, it's not that spooky, which makes it perfect for the little ones (and their parents) who want to get into the Halloween spirit. Haven't heard of Pumpkin Nights before? You're probably not alone. This is the first year I've heard of them,

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The Teal Pumpkin Project

I'm so thrilled to learn about the Teal Pumpkin Project! About 5 years ago I learned my daughter had severe tree nut allergies. Overnight everything became a lot more difficult and the worry never ends. She carries both Benadryl and an Epi-Pen with her where ever she goes. She is also an ace at checking labels and asking if food has tree nuts in it

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Listerine Smart Rinse Challenge part 2

It's been 28 days since we started the Listerine Smart Rinse Sweet Smart Challenge and what a difference 28 days can make. Getting my kids to brush was second only to potty training in frustration. Why would anyone want to go in a diaper instead of the toilet? Why would anyone want to walk around with grime on their teeth? I couldn't answer that question so

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St. Paul Public Schools Discourages Halloween Celebration

I'm not surprised that the St. Paul Public School District would frown on Halloween. It's too bad but not the least bit surprising. Years ago, maybe decades, Joe Soucheray said that St. Paul (or maybe it was Minnesota) is the place where you can't do anything. He said it much more poetically but I can't find the quote anywhere. Doesn't matter, you can't do anything

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Fun Halloween Statistics

Halloween is less than a week away. As I write this it is snowing but next week it looks to be perfect trick or treat weather. What follows is some fun statistics about Halloween. Costumes, candy and bobbing for apples are just some of the things we do on All Hallows Eve. According to this infographic candy bars like Snickers, Hershey bars and Milky Ways

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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

I've been thinking a lot about zombie attacks lately. Maybe because Halloween is just a couple of weeks away (seriously, when did summer end?) and because lately I have seen more and more of those stick family stickers with zombies. You know, the stickers that perky people put on their back car window to show off their family? At least that's how I look it

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Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Where nothing seems to be going right? I've been having a string of them. I suspect it has something to do with the recent full moon but it could also be that things are just out of control right now. As most of you know I'm a single mom. You may also recall that the boy left for college this fall so that leaves just

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Minnesota’s Children of the Corn

Ex#2 and I took the daughter to the Shafer Corn Maze this weekend. It seemed like a fun, family outing when I suggested it and obviously the others agreed because they were game to go. Normally this time of year, I am gearing up to start complaining about the cold. Not this year. This year in Minnesota the weather has been so lovely I've completely

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Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

I'm back! Don't even ask about the book. I don't really have a whole post about one thing, I just have a bunch of bitches that I need to get out of my system. None are long enough in and of themselves to make a post with so I'm gonna lump them all together here while I get my mojo working again. Last week, or

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