It’s been 28 days since we started the Listerine Smart Rinse Sweet Smart Challenge and what a difference 28 days can make.

Getting my kids to brush was second only to potty training in frustration. Why would anyone want to go in a diaper instead of the toilet? Why would anyone want to walk around with grime on their teeth? I couldn’t answer that question so I just nagged.

Nagging doesn’t usually work very well.

So, when I was asked to participate in the Listerine Smart Rinse Sweet Smart Challenge I was excited because there was no nagging involved and we got a box of stuff.

Stuff always makes doing things you don’t want to do a lot more fun.

Here’s a picture of all the stuff we got and had to work with.

She was brushing her teeth on her own, without my nagging, listerine mouthwash for kids, get your kids to brush their teeth

The first week was nothing but fun. The daughter really loved rinsing with the mouth rinse. The built in measurer was really helpful because it only dispensed the right amount. Any excess settled back into the bottle. There was no getting too much mouth rinse.

She loved the taste of both of the mouth rinses.

In addition to rinsing she also had to brush and floss twice a day, when she was finished I gave her a Snickers.

I’m kidding.

When she was finished she ticked off one line on the calendar to cross off the day.

After about 15 days I noticed that when I asked if she had brushed her teeth she already had.

She was brushing her teeth on her own, without my nagging.

That’s worth repeating

She was brushing her teeth on her own, without my nagging. 

While she still had to do her brushing routine for Halloween I didn’t get too worked up about all the candy that was going to be consumed. I’ve been doing this no carb thing for a while now and that means she has too. We haven’t had a cookie, candy bar or even bread in the house for months. Getting overloaded with sugar for one night wasn’t a big deal as far as I was concerned. Interestingly, she thought the candy was too sweet and just picked at it.

This was a great experience and I was pleasantly surprised with the results because if anyone is stubborn enough to not develop a good habit it is my daughter.



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