Pierced Ears Part 2

Last August I took my daughter to get her ears pierced.  Actually I took her several times to get her ears pierced because she kept wimping out. I documented the whole process here. She never had any problems with her ears, no infections, no irritations. She found a pair of puppy earrings and wore them everyday. She loved her grown-up look. Until Halloween. We were

Pierced Ears Part 22010-04-28T11:54:21-05:00

There are no Stupid Questions…Really?

That's a big lie. I have been stuck in the house with two sick kids for the past three weeks. As you know I haven't been feeling too good myself. Which might be the reason that, indeed, I find there are a lot of stupid questions. What's your favorite holiday? What's your favorite thing to do? What day is it? When will it be Halloween?

There are no Stupid Questions…Really?2009-11-03T18:22:19-06:00

Halloween is Coming

You wouldn't know it by looking outside, it really looks like Christmas or at least Thanksgiving but Halloween is just around the corner. I'm one of those moms who waits until the last minute, when there are no good costumes left, to buy my kid their costume. This is one of the many reasons I never get nominated for Mother of the Year. This year

Halloween is Coming2009-10-13T06:48:22-05:00

If I Were President

I'm pissed off tonight. I'm pretty sure I will be using profanity in this post. Deal with it. If I were President of the United States these are the positions I would hold; Abortion It's legal now and we will keep it that way. If you don't want one then don't have one. If you can't figure out you are pregnant by the

If I Were President2008-09-18T21:23:00-05:00

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