I’ve been thinking a lot about zombie attacks lately. Maybe because Halloween is just a couple of weeks away (seriously, when did summer end?) and because lately I have seen more and more of those stick family stickers with zombies. You know, the stickers that perky people put on their back car window to show off their family?

At least that’s how I look it at.

I tried to make one last night. There is a website where you can design your own stick family stickers. You get to choose the mom, dad, kids and pets. Problem was there wasn’t one for ex husbands and being as the first born is away at college I wasn’t sure if he should be included. It would have been confusing to include a tall male (those are the options. Parents are tall and children are short but he’s really tall so I got hung up on that) because I would have liked to explain that he is a child and not a soon to be ex husband.

They also didn’t have stickers for pets besides dogs and cats. While we have plenty of those we also have guinea pigs, a hamster and a rabbit.

I like the idea of the zombie stickers better. If I get it wrong it can just be because they ate the other one. Zombies eat zombies don’t they?

Anyway, this cracked me.

How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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