Questions That Are Too Stupid To Ask Google

You know that old saying "There are no stupid questions only stupid answers/people"? Well I am here to tell you there are stupid questions, a lot of them. Presumably the are asked on Google by stupid people and inevitably they end up on my blog. Do redheads make good parents? I get why they are here, I'm a redhead and I write a

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How Can I Get More Comments?

Image via Wikipedia I often hear bloggers complain that they don't get many comments. They have done all the right things, they tell me, they have written great content, joined blog communities and promoted their posts, they have visited other sites and commented but they still aren't getting any comments, or at least very few, on their blog.  What gives? I'll tell you what gives.

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It’s Sorta Like The French Lieutenant’s Woman

Remember that book by John Fowles, or the movie adapted by Harold Pinter with Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons? The French Lieutenant's Woman was a very long story written by a great writer about the story within a story. I read it in college and recall there was a lot of jumping around. See the movie, it makes more sense. You probably don't have a

It’s Sorta Like The French Lieutenant’s Woman2010-06-25T09:04:46-05:00

Questions I’m Too Ashamed to Ask Google

1. Why does Proctor & Gamble make their Tide measuring cap the same color as their detergent? 2. Why does my cat hate me? 3. What is so irresistible about a just cleaned window that it must be kissed over and over again? 4. Does anyone know how to fold fitted sheets? 5. What is on Stanley's head?

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I Saw a Celebrity!

For the last couple of weeks I have been painting a house for my ex husband.  Apparently there is close to nothing I won't due to earn money. Ex#1 is a real estate agent, he is currently specializing is foreclosed houses which need to be cleaned up and painted. He asked if I wanted the jobs and I jumped at the chance. I like painting,

I Saw a Celebrity!2010-03-26T08:55:33-05:00

Boyfriend or Blog?

Since Lola jumped back into the dating world I have been thinking about finding a mate for myself. It's been a fleeting thought, here and there, throughout the years since my divorce. I have dated but no one seriously. There seemed to be all kinds of good reasons not to get involved with anyone. My divorce took two years and it brought out the worst

Boyfriend or Blog?2010-03-10T09:56:47-06:00

New Study Reveals Bloggers Get their Periods at the Same Time

I made that up, there has been no study, but like college it seems that a lot of bloggers, at least the ones who hang out in the virtual world together, seem to write about the same stuff at the same time. Don't worry guys this doesn't mean you are or have grown a vagina, it just means you are in sync with all the

New Study Reveals Bloggers Get their Periods at the Same Time2009-11-16T10:38:24-06:00

Google Stopped Loving Me

Before I made the move over to my own domain Google was giving me lots and lots of love.  Even though I sent out change of address cards to all the search engines they haven't gotten around to rerouting my mail, or searches by very strange individuals. I get a lot of visitors to my site based on some really weird and twisted searches. Most

Google Stopped Loving Me2009-10-05T21:58:34-05:00

It’s Officially Summer, We’ve Been to the ER

Summer is officially here now that we have made our annual trip to the ER. We go in the winter time too but it has been a while since the cat scratched my son's eye or he had a 50lb weight drop on his finger. This time it was my daughter who got to make the trip. Actually, all of us got to make the

It’s Officially Summer, We’ve Been to the ER2009-07-28T13:46:00-05:00

Are Redheads Better in Bed?

"Are redheads better in bed?" That is just one of the many redheaded themed questions people ask to find me on Google. I've never addressed the question before but since so many people are wondering I will answer it for you. Yes. We rock in bed. Never, ever, underestimate the power of novelty. Blonds are usually not really blonds so are a bit shy about

Are Redheads Better in Bed?2009-05-05T09:19:00-05:00

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