Abigail and Brittany Hensel, 2 headed girl, two headed woman, conjoined twinsFor the last couple of weeks I have been painting a house for my ex husband.  Apparently there is close to nothing I won’t due to earn money. Ex#1 is a real estate agent, he is currently specializing is foreclosed houses which need to be cleaned up and painted. He asked if I wanted the jobs and I jumped at the chance. I like painting, it’s mindless work and I can listen to the radio while I do it. I’m not liking this job because the previous owners of the home had cats and let them piss all over the house. They were also a rather violent bunch as they managed to punch holes in several walls. Honestly, I could write a whole post on my assumption about the people who used to live in this house. I won’t, but I could.

Anyway, I tell you this because it explains why I haven’t been responding to my comments for the last week or so and it also explains why I was outside the house and witnessed what I did.

The house I am painting is across the street from an elementary school. Yesterday as I was pulling up to the house I saw a bunch of kids walking in a line towards a bus. I didn’t think too much of it until I noticed a couple of women at the back of the line, they appeared to be hanging onto one another. At least that is what my brain assumed when it saw two heads so close together. I took another look and realized I was looking at a woman with two heads.

I didn’t take any pictures but I did take another look to make sure I was seeing what I thought I saw.

I was. I went inside the house and wondered who I should call. You don’t see things like that every day. My first thought was to text my son but he was at school and that might be a little distracting.

Me: I just saw a person with two heads!

Him: WTF? I’m in physics. Stop texting me.

Me: Did you read what I texted? I saw a person with two heads!

Him: Seriously mom, I’m going to get in trouble.

Eventually I started painting but I kept thinking about the woman with two heads. I had so many questions and of course I knew I wanted to write a post about what I saw.

It struck me that writing a post might not be the most ethical thing to do. Especially in light of yesterday’s post. I wasn’t going to write a post about this because too many jokes could be made even if that wasn’t the purpose of the post.

But I still needed to share it with someone so I called my friend Gary and told him about it. Gary has seen everything, there is nothing that phases him. Except this. He didn’t believe me at first but just thinking about it freaked him out. Because he didn’t believe me I started to doubt what I was sure I had seen. Surely there was another explanation. I thought maybe it was a theatrical prop but both heads were talking and were fairly animated. So I asked Google. I figured if there were a whole bunch of people running around with two heads the odds were in my favor that I really did see what I thought I saw.

Turns out there aren’t a whole lot people running around with two heads. However there are two girls, women now, who share one body and have gotten quite a bit of media attention, they were even on Oprah. Increasing the odds even more I learned that the two women are from Minnesota. You can read all about Abigail and Brittany Hensel here. I realize I am making an assumption, I don’t know for sure that these two women were Abigail and Brittany but the odds are pretty good that they were.

So, I’m still on the phone with Gary who is still freaking out. He is posing all kinds of questions which I won’t repeat here. Questions I’m not interested in but I do want to know how they sign their names, how they take a test without being accused of cheating and that kind of thing. I’m reading all about them while holding the phone to my ear.

It struck me that I could care less about the fact that they are two people who share one body and more that I just saw a celebrity (I’m having trouble with the grammar on this one). I don’t see many celebrities so this is a big deal for me. I’ve only met one other person who was on Oprah so it isn’t something that happens often.

Of course I did not actually meet Brittany and Abigail but it’s close enough for me. I spent the rest of the evening reading all about them. They struck me as very level headed, well adjusted young women which isn’t all that normal. Most of the young female celebrities today are fucked up, these women seemed to have a good head on their shoulders. See, even if I don’t try they write themselves.

Anyway, have you ever met any celebrities?

*I’m feeling rather protective of these Minnesota celebrities, I will delete any inappropriate comments.