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I often hear bloggers complain that they don’t get many comments. They have done all the right things, they tell me, they have written great content, joined blog communities and promoted their posts, they have visited other sites and commented but they still aren’t getting any comments, or at least very few, on their blog.  What gives?

I’ll tell you what gives.

Word Verification

Sometimes called Captcha but I just call it a comment killer. I hate word verification because it’s one more step and one I often get wrong. I am mildly dyslexic and Captchas or word verifications mess me up. If they were real words it wouldn’t be so bad but most of the time they are not words at all, just a string of letters that almost resemble a word which means I type the word I think it should be rather than the pretend word it is. The worst part about word verification is that often you don’t know someone has it until after you have taken the time to write a compelling comment. I have written many comments only to abandon them because I could not replicate the fake word. Sometimes they are case sensitive and sometimes they are not. I give it the college try and usually try three times but after that I leave. I realize people use these to keep spam out but by using word verification you are keeping real comments out.

Your Post Is Too Long

I’m guilty of this all the time so I really shouldn’t bitch about it but if you run on and on about your day and don’t throw anything amusing or dramatic in there I probably won’t stick around to comment. Not because I don’t want to but because I just don’t have the time to read a thousand word post at the moment. I want to and I often bookmark it to come back later but sometimes I scroll down to see how long the post goes on for and decide I just don’t have the time. I realize a lot of readers do this with me. I know I go on for way too long sometimes, most of the time. Thanks to all of you who read to the end and then throw in your two cents. It’s much appreciated.

Picture Posts

Part of me loves picture posts (and by picture posts I mean there is no text, just a picture or two) because I enjoy the pictures and the posts themselves don’t take any time to read. Unfortunately I get stumped for what to say except for a lame “Great picture”. I assume these posts are fillers for bloggers and they don’t really care if they get a ton of comments on them or not. I’m not talking about pictures of outrageous things such as a child who is covered in maxi pads or something funny, I am talking about pictures of flowers, beaches and sunsets. They are pretty but I’ve seen a lot of sunsets and while they don’t all look the same they do kind of.

I Can’t Figure Out How To Leave a Comment

I am surprised that there are so many blogs that have very confusing comment systems. I don’t know if this is a design flaw or what but if I don’t see a link at the bottom of the post to leave a comment I get really frustrated. There are a couple of blogs where I can see that there are comments but there is no clear path to leave or read the comment. Often I have to stumble around clicking on the actual post page to find it. It’s too bad because I want to leave a comment but I just can’t get to the place to do so. Leave some directions at the bottom of your post or get a new comment system.

It’s Another Review or Giveaway and I Don’t Want What You Are Giving Away

Again, I don’t think people who do reviews and giveaways are looking specifically for comments so I don’t worry about these too much but unless I actually want to win what you are giving away I probably won’t leave a comment. I try to comment on reviews because they are sponsored and I know leaving a comment helps the blogger get more items to review. If you are doing a review of designer jeans then by all means make it an interesting review. Don’t just say the jeans look great. Talk about how they make your ass look ten years younger. Unfortunately a lot of reviews bloggers do these day are for products they haven’t actually seen. If they don’t give you the product to actually review and you are going to be making something up anyway, make it awesome.  Some bloggers can do great reviews and giveaways that are entertaining while others just describe the product and link to it. If you want readers to participate make them smile, you will get a lot more comments that way.

It’s a Meme Post With All Kinds of Rules

I run across these posts more and more each day. Maybe it’s because it’s summer and we all want to be doing outside things rather than sitting at our computers begging people to visit but these just seem lazy and almost deceptive to me. They are obviously meant to increase followers but simply linking up to a blogger because they have a Mr. Linky doesn’t guarantee that those readers are going to stick around after the link up is completed.  Some of these are really interesting but there are just too many rules. Link up, write a post, link back to this post, leave a comment telling me you linked, and of course answer whatever questions are part of the meme. These are great for new bloggers, it can be a great way to meet other bloggers, but don’t do it more than once a month. Take the time to write an actual post. These remind me of that kid we all knew growing up who had great toys so kids played with him because he had great toys, and only because he had great toys. If the kid didn’t have any great toys no one would play with him because he didn’t have much of a personality and certainly no imagination. Meme posts feel like bribery to me.

There Is No Call To Action

It’s always a good idea to leave a call to action in the last paragraph of your post. Did you just spend three paragraphs talking about your bunion? If so you best ask for people to tell their stories about their bunions in your comment section. Believe me, people will fill your comment section with stories of their bunions but sometimes you have to ask.

You Don’t Respond To Your Own Comments

I’ve mentioned this before but I will usually go back to see if the blogger has responded to my comment. I try to leave witty and interesting comments and because I like my ego stroked I go back to see if the blogger thought I was as witty as I did. I’m easy and an “LOL” is enough to keep me coming back. Sadly many bloggers never comment back to their commenters. Leaving their comments just waving in the wind. Responding to comments is one of the best ways to engage your readers so they come back time and time again.

You Have So Many Ads and Shit On Your Blog That I Am Just Pissed Off and I Don’t Want To Leave a Comment

I’m all for making money with your blog, I have no problem with whoring out your blog at all, but if you have a million different Adsense ads, Amazon links, and other crap all over your blog it gets to be obnoxious. I don’t click on Adsense ads unless I am truly interested in them and since I have become completely immune to them I don’t see them anymore so I’m not going to click on them. If you are going to beg you should just put a donate button on your site and be truthful about the whole thing. You will probably make a lot more money and you won’t alienate any readers. Having all that blinking crap on your blog keeps people from actually reading your content, and you might have great content but no one can stay through all the videos, slide shows and other shit to actually read your content. Of course it might just be that people with all this stuff have nothing to say and aren’t really interested in their readers. They just want clicks, they don’t want to make friends.

Your Post Is Offensive

Either you swear way too much or you are just going for shock value, or you are just plain offensive. I get sad when I come to these posts because usually they start off really funny and then they take a wrong turn and become racist or homophobic and then I have to leave. I swear in my posts but usually only when necessary or to make the point stronger. Don’t use swear words unless they are necessary, and sometimes they are, but a little goes a long way.

Your Posts Aren’t Interesting

Big shout out and thank you to The Mother for mentioning this one in the comments. Most of the blogosphere is filled with these blogs. If you aren’t getting comments take a good hard look at your post. Ask someone who doesn’t know you all that well to tell you if your posts are interesting or just wasting space.

Make Friends With Margaret from NannygoatsINpanties.com

If you can get her to visit your blog you won’t need anyone else to comment.

So that my dear friends is what gives. If you aren’t getting as many comments as you would like try some of these suggestions and see what happens. If you have any suggestions for increasing comments please leave them in the comment section.

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