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Image by snakepliskens via Flickr

You know that old saying “There are no stupid questions only stupid answers/people”? Well I am here to tell you there are stupid questions, a lot of them. Presumably the are asked on Google by stupid people and inevitably they end up on my blog.

Do redheads make good parents?

I get why they are here, I’m a redhead and I write a lot about parenting, but really, WTF?

Are redheads the product of incest?

Just eww.

Do redhead vaginas really have teeth?

I have written about vaginas but never did I mention the teeth.

What color should I paint my house?


How old am I?

This came from the post I wrote when I realized I had aged myself a whole year. So, maybe it isn’t such a stupid question after all.

Where are my teeth?

I talked about my daughter losing her teeth, a lot, in fact way more than I should, but I imagine this came from some poor old lady who had left her teeth on the lunch tray at Taco Bell.

Can a dad bring his son to get his ears pierced?

Nope. Only moms can bring daughters to get their ears pierced, sons have to do it in the locker room. My daughter has had her ears pierced, let them close and then pierced again.

So you see, there are stupid questions. The internet might be filled with knowledge but most people are still doing really stupid things with it.