I made that up, there has been no study, but like college it seems that a lot of bloggers, at least the ones who hang out in the virtual world together, seem to write about the same stuff at the same time. Don’t worry guys this doesn’t mean you are or have grown a vagina, it just means you are in sync with all the wonderfully great blogs out there.

You might have noticed that there are a lot of posts lately about injustice. That’s due to the carnival going on over at Humor Bloggers dot com about injustice. Of course everything I rant about has some type of injustice, you just might have to read between the lines.

MadMadMargo made this awesome video of the bloggers participating.

Walt, over at Waltsense, has some great posts that while not directly about injustice are quite frankly an injustice, be prepared there are some graphic images over there. Chelle, at The Offended Blogger, has been ranked by Google, albiet missionary style, but then beggers can’t be choosers now can they? One of the best titles about injustice I have ever seen is:

Double injustice! Its true! No good deed EVER goes unpunished (and some kitten stuff)

Of course the real injustice is that I can’t figure out how to make that text smaller so you don’t get hurt when you look at it.

Ettarose writes about the injustice of Meep which proves my point exactly since I wrote about this very subject just the other day on one of my other blogs.

Of course you all know I had a sex toy party and made titty cupcakes, I even had some rather graphic images that got me in hot water with a few other bloggers. I wasn’t the first to write a post about titty cupcakes, in fact Kathy over at The Junk Drawer made them the day after I did, though she posted first since I had a bit of a hangover from the festivities. While on the subject of porn and food JD from I Do Things watched a porno movie so we don’t have to. I am thankful she did because it sounded dreadful with a full 18 minutes of missionary style (see there it is again), baby making sex. AskMsRecipe wrote about hot dogs too though she didn’t give them a hand job like I did. And while on the subject of hot dogs and such Frogs has gotten naked in order to get a rise out of her husband’s hot dog.

Great minds really do think alike. They all happen to be thinking about sex or food, usually both, but they do think alike. Now that I think about it maybe it’s just me who thinks about sex and food, I might just be transferring onto my other blogger pals. Nah.

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