I am Fucked

Actually I have been fucked except without the benefit of an orgasm which considering I was fucked by my ex husband is really no surprise. I hate people who lie. For the last several months my ex has been telling me that his former employer had garnished his paycheck for the monthly child support he owes. This happened last year, causing all sorts of financial

I am Fucked2009-09-23T16:46:00-05:00

I Took Propofol Like Michael Jackson, and I lived

This is a post talking about female parts so all you guys out there can go visit Crotchety Old Man to read about his Brazilian wax job and how he is terrorizing the young nurses. Be sure to contribute to his couch fund. I figure if Dani can talk about her boobs all the time I can talk about the tubal I had yesterday. I

I Took Propofol Like Michael Jackson, and I lived2009-07-25T08:33:00-05:00

I Had a Great Mother’s Day

I hope all you mothers out there had a lovely Mother's Day. I had a pretty good one. Not only did my kids actually get me cards but they each got me a gift. I got two tear jerker cards from each kid, I suspect neither of them read them because my kids are not all that sentimental and the little one can't read. My

I Had a Great Mother’s Day2009-05-11T08:20:00-05:00

A Hypothetical

Here's a hypothetical question for you all. I'd really like to hear from the guys on this one because I am perplexed. There's this ex husband #2 (ok, so it isn't really hypothetical) he was laid off a couple of weeks ago and the prospects in this area are not very good. He has been given an opportunity through his union to go to Vegas

A Hypothetical2009-04-23T15:39:00-05:00

Update Ex #2 and the courts

If you all remember I complain a little bit about ex #2 here on this blog. For several months we have not been particularly friendly to one another due to his decision to take me to court to reduce his child support and alter the marital termination agreement so that he carries the health insurance for our daughter.I spent a lot of time and money

Update Ex #2 and the courts2009-03-02T13:10:00-06:00

Ex #2

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seemed to be going just fine until some tool came along and messed up the whole works?That's how today went. I was doing just fine. I had picked up my car from the mechanics after they replaced all of my brakes. I was pretty happy to be able to stop once again so I was

Ex #22009-01-28T21:58:00-06:00

I think my luck might be changing

Yesterday my daughter told her friend that she was going to get a baby brother or sister. I'm not having anymore children if I can help it so I know she's not getting one from me. That leaves only one other person, ex #2. My ears perked up when I heard her tell her friend about her anticipated sibling so I continued to listen. Apparently

I think my luck might be changing2008-12-29T08:34:00-06:00

Follow the bouncing check

Last summer ex #2 asked if I could loan him a couple hundred dollars for a week. When the week passed he gave me a check for $200. I deposited it in my bank and you guessed it, it bounced. He eventually paid me back less the bank fees. He asked me to tear up the check. I didn't. I kept the check and now

Follow the bouncing check2008-12-12T04:34:00-06:00

Ex Husband and Hardware Part 3

Ex#2 drops off daughter and has a pipe for the sump pump that he fixed the other day. It has been pumping out water non stop with this melting going on. It was splashing out of the tub and all over the floor. He stopped by with the dog and proceeded to install it. It didn't fit, however, so he ran to the hardware store

Ex Husband and Hardware Part 32008-04-03T08:35:00-05:00

Ex Husband and Hardware Part 2

I didn't hear back from my ex yesterday. He never responded to my text about strap-ons so this morning I sent him another text asking if he got the last one. He had recently changed phone numbers so I thought maybe he didn't have text messaging set up for the new phone. Me: did you get my message? Him: yesterday? Me: yes, the one about

Ex Husband and Hardware Part 22008-04-02T07:39:00-05:00

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