Yesterday my daughter told her friend that she was going to get a baby brother or sister. I’m not having anymore children if I can help it so I know she’s not getting one from me. That leaves only one other person, ex #2. My ears perked up when I heard her tell her friend about her anticipated sibling so I continued to listen. Apparently her dad is getting married and might have a baby.

I have to say right now that my daughter has been begging both of us for a baby sister for the last three years. She is ten years younger than her brother and really wants to be able to give it to someone who can’t give it back. And she wants a live toy to dress up. I have patiently explained that I do not want to have anymore children while simultaneously explaining to my son that I do not want to be a grandmother for at least ten more years. I’m not changing anymore diapers this decade. I want to sleep through the night eventually and I don’t want to see another sippy cup or go in search of a blankie or Nuk before bedtime ever again. I’m done. Well, I’m not really done yet but with those things I am. Anyway, she wants a baby sister badly so I don’t put a whole lot of stock into this idea of hers. I suspect her dad told her something to get her to stop pestering him.

As far as I know her father is not involved with anyone. If he is it is a fairly new relationship and while I don’t doubt that he could get someone knocked up soon in a relationship I don’t see marriage on his horizon anytime soon if ever.

But if it is true it means that I am not the stupidest person on the planet anymore!