If you all remember I complain a little bit about ex #2 here on this blog. For several months we have not been particularly friendly to one another due to his decision to take me to court to reduce his child support and alter the marital termination agreement so that he carries the health insurance for our daughter.

I spent a lot of time and money on a lawyer in order to achieve the right to carry our daughter on my insurance. I did this because my dear ex #2 quit his association with the union he was in two weeks after our daughter was born. He did this because he is an idiot. There is a longer explanation for this act of stupidity but it still boils down to him being an idiot. He rejoined the union a year or two after we divorced and decided that he didn’t want to have to pay the insurance to me any longer (he pays no more for dependents on his insurance, he pays one flat fee whether he has one dependent or 15, which kinda explains why our national health is so messed up). Because I am the custodial parent I am responsible for her medical bills. He is supposed to reimburse me but so far that has never happened so therefore I carry the insurance so that I know it is in fact active.

He called me last week to let me know he was not going to be suing me for any of these changes. Turns out he lost his health insurance recently so our daughter is no longer the only one in this country who is over insured.

You will be pleased to know that I did not rub his nose in any of his stupidity. I sat there and held my tongue because I like it much better when we do not fight, contrary to his belief that I do. I like it when we can get along, and we do manage to get along when he isn’t dragging me to court over something as stupid as getting out of his parental obligation, I like it because he does things that are a lot of fun to write about here. I have hit the wall so to speak and having him around again gives me all sorts of fun things to post about.

He does not read my blog, he does know I blog but has never bothered to ask about what or where he might find my blog. This is precisely why I do not use names on this little blog.

So things should be getting a lot more fun around here soon since I am able, once again, to make fun of ex #2. Stay tuned.