I didn’t hear back from my ex yesterday. He never responded to my text about strap-ons so this morning I sent him another text asking if he got the last one. He had recently changed phone numbers so I thought maybe he didn’t have text messaging set up for the new phone.

Me: did you get my message?

Him: yesterday?

Me: yes, the one about the strap-on

no response for several minutes

Me: for the grill.

no response

Phone rings, it’s him.

Him: uh, I didn’t pick up anything, was I supposed to?

Me: No, I was double checking with you about the kind of hardware I need to pick up for the grill.

Him: Well, what did you get?

Me: I didn’t get anything because I didn’t know if I needed a strap-on or a double ended dildo. I was waiting for you to tell me what you wanted.

At this point I’m just playing with him. I know he is at work and within earshot of the guys, he’s a contractor. The thing is I can’t figure out if he remembers the original conversation or if he thinks I want to “play” with him. And I can’t tell if he is joking with me by playing dumb.

Him: maybe I should just get the stuff and come over and take care of it?

the call is dropped before I can say anything.

Stay tuned…