Ex#2 drops off daughter and has a pipe for the sump pump that he fixed the other day. It has been pumping out water non stop with this melting going on. It was splashing out of the tub and all over the floor. He stopped by with the dog and proceeded to install it. It didn’t fit, however, so he ran to the hardware store to get the right size. I wanted to remind him to pick up the strap on but the kids were around so I didn’t go down that road.

He fixed the pump so the water stayed in the tub and did not splash on the floor. He even filled it a couple of times to make sure it worked right. He rounded up the dog and took off. I said thank you before he left.

After he left I thought I should thank him more so I texted him:

Thank you, I mean really thank you. I’d have a mess on my hands if you hadn’t put in the new pump. It’s been going on every hour or so. You saved me.

He replied: Priceless huh!

Me: You know it baby!

I waited a few minutes and then sent this:

Next time bring the strap on. I’ll be really grateful when I can cook with gas.