I went to Ikea this weekend. I'm looking for a pull out couch or futon for my office upstairs. I need something small since the doorways are really tiny in my house. I've been to Ikea twice before this excursion. Once when I lived in Seattle and once when they opened one here across from the Mall of America. Both times I went just to


The Real Drivers Course

Well, you will all be happy to know that you are safe on the road for another two weeks. Son took his drivers license test again and has to try again in two weeks. Third times a charm right? This time he aced the parking bits but turned the wrong way on a one way road and that is an automatic fail. He knew the

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Humor Bloggers Rock

Make video montages at www.OneTrueMedia.com The Hussy Housewife has made this fabulous video of all, okay most, of the Humor Bloggers from Humor Bloggers dot com. I'm sure I can handle the celebrity just fine. When I starred, okay I didn't actually star, in a commercial for the United Way or some other equally important group while I was a Blue Bird, I didn't let

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The Road Test

The boy took his driver's license exam today. The road test for the real license. I took the test when I was 15. Because of my mother's handicap I was given a B license that allowed me to drive without a parent or adult to and from the pharmacy, doctor's office or other errands my mother might need. I was not allowed to drive around

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Cats Who Can’t Spell

I've noticed that there are a lot of stupid cats on the interwebs. Have you noticed this? It seems this is everywhere. Daisy has no problem spelling, Harley sometimes needs a little help but he tries. These cats don't even try. I'm not even sure they are sounding out the words. I find it irritating that our felines are getting stupid. I expect dogs to

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I’m addicted to diet coke

I didn't realize this until I ran out of it. I haven't had a diet coke in over 24 hours and I have a massive headache and I am really tired. I have tried coffee to perk me up but that just gets me too jittery. This sucks. I could run to the store to buy some but frankly I want to know how long

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Damn Cat

I hate my cat. I am not a cat person, apologies to all of you who are but I have a cat for one reason only. To kill the bugs and little rodents around my house. Actually I don't have mice in my house anymore unless the damn cat brings one in but when we lived at our other house she was a veritable mouse

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Literally. Some irresponsible lazy ass jerk let his or her dog crap on my sidewalk and then didn't pick it up. Don't we have laws about this sort of thing? It's right before Christmas and someone is tempting fate. This person deserves a big stinking lump of crap in their stocking. I'm tempted to make a sign pointing to the excrement and telling them they



My daughter has been begging me to post about her beloved Stanley. Stanley is a Bassador which is a mix of Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever. There are actually websites devoted to this kind of dog. Stanley, who I usually refer to as the dumb dog, came from the Humane Society. We adopted him shortly after ex #2 left taking the even dumber dog with


Let the Bitching Begin

Last time I bitched about the weather was April 29th. It was cold then. Yesterday the temp reached 95 degrees. This is officially "hot as a fuck". I love this saying. I learned it from the balloon guy I worked for 20 some years ago. The one my son is working for now. He is originally from New Jersey and has a very colorful vocabulary.

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