Alpha, Delta, Omicron, Oh My!

I've had it with Covid 19. This has been going on for nearly two years now. I can recall at the tail end of 2019 reading an obscure article about a pneumonia in China that was not getting better with antibiotics. I took notice because my father had warned me every time I was prescribed an antibiotic to "be sure to take it all because

Alpha, Delta, Omicron, Oh My!2021-12-16T13:50:43-06:00

You Know You’re Parenting Right When Your Child Threatens Emancipation

I don't care much for either Kellyanne Conway or her husband George, but I have to give them both props for parenting. Clearly they are doing something right if their daughter, Claudia Conway, hates both of them. Claudia Conway has been outspoken about both of her parents and their jobs. She is quite active on TikTok and Twitter and claims her parents have abused her.

You Know You’re Parenting Right When Your Child Threatens Emancipation2020-08-24T14:55:04-05:00

I Used 439 Words to Say “Fuck You”, and Now I’m Going to Use Even More

This post is going to live up to the blog title - you've been warned. I just used 439 words to say "fuck you", but in a nice way. I posted that little status update last night. I vague booked, though I am sure everyone knew I was talking about my ex husband. Many people praised me for being pedantic and asked what I said.

I Used 439 Words to Say “Fuck You”, and Now I’m Going to Use Even More2019-06-19T12:12:47-05:00

Out of Mental Bandwidth

I'm completely out of mental bandwidth. I simply don't have the mental capacity to make one more decision - because if I have to it will be a bad one. I am sure I am not alone in this feeling of being at my wit's end, I'm sure every other person has felt this way at one time or another. However, as a single parent

Out of Mental Bandwidth2018-08-22T12:46:27-05:00

Is Hello Fresh Worth It?

One of my goals this year was to eat healthier and to cook more often. That's hard to do with a picky eater and opposing dietary concerns. Between my daughter's allergies and my low carb lifestyle I was falling into a rut of menus so I decided to try Hello Fresh. Is Hello Fresh worth it? I wondered that too. Their ads fill my social

Is Hello Fresh Worth It?2018-05-29T16:12:39-05:00

Real Life Birth Control

I don't know why they don't teach this real life birth control in schools, but I promise if they explain to kids of having-sex-for-the-first-time age that this is the shit you'll have to deal with in another 11-15 years they probably will abstain or at least make sure they actually use birth control. Nothing is worse that waking up, turning on the coffee maker and

Real Life Birth Control2020-07-29T11:08:01-05:00

No One Ever Said there Would Be this Much Cat Vomit!!

Lately I've been thinking about all the crap I've cleaned up in my lifetime, and it's a lot. And while cat vomit is not technically crap, it falls into the same category of things I'd rather not touch with my bare hands, which puts it at the same level as doo-doo. No one ever said there would be this much cat vomit. Dini, our 13

No One Ever Said there Would Be this Much Cat Vomit!!2016-08-15T15:02:20-05:00

Single Mom’s Who Celebrate Father’s Day

Recently there's been a fiery discussion on social media about single moms who celebrate Father's Day. In other words, in addition to being celebrated by their children on Mother's Day they also are celebrated for Father's Day because they have had to do all the roles of the missing father. As is the case for most discussions on Facebook a vocal few think it's horrible

Single Mom’s Who Celebrate Father’s Day2015-06-19T11:39:42-05:00

Father’s Day Flowers

Father's Day is just around the corner and I bet he doesn't want another tie or t-shirt that says #1 Dad. Okay, he might want another shirt and would probably even wear it with considerable pride but have you ever considered getting your dad some flowers? I can speak from experience, there are some dads out there would really appreciate a nice orchid rather than

Father’s Day Flowers2012-06-06T03:06:54-05:00

My Little Boy Graduated!

Last night my son graduated from high school. Not only did he graduate but he graduated Cum Laude and with IB honors, and he has been accepted to one of the top science engineering schools in the country. I'm extremely proud of him. He has been an easy child to raise which is good because I didn't always do the right thing when it came

My Little Boy Graduated!2011-06-08T13:56:13-05:00

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